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Area Code 734 phone numbers - Ann Arbor

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Ann Arbor, Michigan is in the 734 area code, within Washtenaw County and includes a population of approximately 114,024, as the fifth largest city in Michigan.

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Ann Arbor, MI Local Phone Numbers 734 Area Code

Ann Arbor is home to more than 120,000 people who live in the county of Washtenaw County in southeastern Michigan. It’s also the primary location of the 734 area code. Utilizing the area code includes improving communication services with a 4Voice VoIP system.

The 734 area code covers other cities in southeastern Michigan, including Ypsilanti, Plymouth, and Canton. These cities are also thriving and make for great potential for business expansion. 4Voice VoIP can provide businesses with the presence they need in Ann Arbor and beyond with incredible features including Auto Attendant.
Affordable pricing, the ability to scale up, and reliability are just some of the benefits 4Voice has to offer businesses wanting to set up a presence in Ann Arbor.

The Impact of the University

One of the city’s largest employers and significant contributors to the local economy is the University of Michigan. The university not only employs thousands and brings students to the area, who then fund a large part of the economic base, but it also educates young people as they seek jobs in healthcare, education, and technology. 

The University of Michigan is one of the largest employers in Michigan with over 40,000 employees. The university is a world-renowned research institution, with research centers and institutes in a wide range of fields, including medicine, engineering, and business. The university’s research and innovation ecosystem attracts entrepreneurs and startups from around the world, creating a thriving technology industry in the Ann Arbor area.

4voice Loves Arbor

While the focus tends to be on the University of Michigan because of its size and impact, other higher education leaders also found a home in Ann Arbor including Eastern Michigan University and Concordia University. Having three accredited universities in one area ensures the workforce of tomorrow will be there to meet the needs of businesses.

The Multi-Layered Economy

Ann Arbor has a multi-layered economy beyond that which the university sparks. It has garnered major employers in technology and healthcare and has a dynamic small business community. That is, in part, to the work of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber. The chamber provides resources to both large industries and small businesses including networking events, programs that help advance entrepreneur education, and services as an advocate for businesses in local and state politics. 

The city is a hot market for the technology industry with companies producing cutting-edge software, hardware, and biotechnology products. The university has been key for luring tech giants to the city with its research centers and incubators providing resources and support to entrepreneurs and startups.

Ann Arbor has other industries that are major players in the local economy. Healthcare is big in Ann Arbor with several hospitals and medical centers located there. Manufacturers are also highly regarded as the city is home to those that made products like automotive components, aerospace parts, and consumer products.

The Convenience of Southeastern Michigan

Southeastern Michigan is a convenient area for Ann Arbor businesses because of its access to major highways like I-94 and US-23 freeways. Ann Arbor is within an hour’s drive of metro hubs like Detroit, Toledo, and Lansing.

The city of Ann Arbor is committed to sustainability and urges local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. The Ann Arbor Climate Partnership brings together local businesses, organizations, and government agencies to work toward a more sustainable future.

The arts and culture scene provides a vibrant thread to Ann Arbor with several museums, galleries, and performance spaces located in the city. The city has festivals and events throughout the year, including the Ann Arbor Art Fair, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas offer a strong focus on innovation, education, and sustainability. Businesses located there can benefit from using 4voice VoIP services, which further connect them to the community and provide better communication for their customers.

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Some of the standard PBX features offered by 4voice include voicemail, call-forwarding and multiple extensions with no need for special equipment. Save a great deal on what a traditional monthly phone bill would cost for businesses of any size by setting up for specifics from day one. These features provide the ability to work from anywhere, whether at home, the office or on the road. 4voice provides a consistently reliable network for communication with customers, colleagues, vendors and more. With access to quality, affordable services there is never any reason to fall short on quality communication inside and outside the company. While there is the ability to choose the specific services to meet business needs, there is also the ability to scale the size of a company’s 4voice system to match their identity.

A prime feature in the 4voice system is the Auto Attendant, with the ability to help both small and large businesses in many ways. Serving as an automated receptionist it allows callers to select their specific recipient immediately. This helps large companies with ease of function for the receptionist role, while also adding a more professional appearance to smaller companies and start-ups.

Another key benefit to the 4voice system is the 4voiceONE App, which allows employees to access their business phone from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Use of this app helps access to conference calls, voicemail to email, call recording and many more PBX features offered within the 4voice system. Easily assisting business, 4voice is able to port most existing phone numbers over to any company system helping to make switches, additions and other changes immediate and seamless.

Then there is the 4voice platform which is easy to use and allows management of users, features and billing from anywhere. The entire company 4voice account is handled by the appropriate department no matter their location, with only the requirement of an internet browser or mobile device. With the use of the 4voice platform the company is able to monitor real-time activity, spot patterns, compare call data and create custom business reports to help analyze company-wide business trends. Also, in the case of questions or requests the 4voice support team is always available both with live technical support and customer service as well as incredible how-to tutorial videos.

4voice’s security also works for the safety of all customer data, allowing only authorized traffic to enter the 4voice cloud. In multiple 4voice data centers, with more up and coming, and even the highest security maintained at every location. While only approved employees have access to the centers and the network, there is no reason for any VoIP customer to question the safety of the information of their company or customers, ever. Additionally, there is on-site, 24/7 security maintained at the 4voice centers in order to provide complete protection of all customer information at all times.

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