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VoIP PBX Service

Features Businesses Need. Unprecedented Simplicity and Predictable, Affordable Pricing

Whether you are starting out or have an established business, you can save money, and gain flexibility and efficiency using 4Voice’s 2Connect cloud-hosted business phone solutions.

2Connect is a VOIP solution that works using cloud-hosted servers that receive your phone calls and then direct them to phones installed at your offices. 2Connect is a PBX system that – thanks to our hosted business phone solution –  means there is no need to invest in a costly phone system at each of your locations, and, there are never any maintenance or upgrade costs to worry about. All you need are industry-standard Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phones.

2Connect Features

The 2Connect cloud-hosted phone solution offers the phone features businesses demand, including dedicated voicemail boxes, extension dialing, call management and routing, and much more. You also get advanced features like voicemail to email, find-me/follow-me, automatic call re-routing, and detailed call reporting. Plus, 2Connect’s inbound and outbound eFax service helps you save time and eliminate waste.

Voice Menus Systems and Customized Call Routing

With 2Connect’s voice menu systems and customized call routing, you can present a unified, professional interface to your customers; if you choose a single number as a point of customer contact, they will seamlessly connect with your business regardless of the location of your branches, home office or remote workers. Our experts work with you to design a phone configuration that fits your business.

Reduce and Stabilize Overhead with Cloud-Hosted Phone Solutions

4Voice cloud-hosted business phone solutions provide significant savings over both traditional telephony solutions and alternate VoIP systems. You get a standard set of features including voicemail, local and long-distance and eFax services, all for one, predictable price.
But lower monthly costs are not the end of your savings—4Voice’s cloud-hosted phone solutions also deliver the following cost-reducing benefits.


Internet failover gives your phone system the resilience to stay up and running even when internet connectivity is underperforming or failing. This resilience comes from secondary, backup internet connections that kick in when primary connections fail.


Whether you are opening a new office or upgrading an existing one, 4Voice’s solutions eliminate the need for a costly phone system on your premises. Instead, your calls are handled at our secure cloud-hosting facility and are then routed to phones at each of your locations. All you need to purchase are the phones themselves.


Like any office equipment, on-site phone systems need constant maintenance and periodic upgrades. These tasks require the services of a skilled technician—another hidden cost of outdated solutions. Our solutions eliminate the need for any ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs. Your monthly service fee includes 24/7 support and effortless feature upgrades as we roll out new software versions—all maintenance-free and at no extra charge.


In most phone solutions, separate infrastructure needs to be purchased and maintained for voice and data (Internet) service. With 4Voice’s solutions, you can eliminate this costly overlap and use a single optimized infrastructure for both voice and data. You can also take advantage of modern broadband access technologies like Business Cable, Fios or AT&T U-Verse (that offer significant cost savings over T1 lines) while delivering equivalent or more bandwidth.
If your business has multiple locations, 4Voice’s solutions eliminates the duplication of phone systems and inter-office communications infrastructure at each office. Calls are all handled centrally and then routed to each location according to flexible configuration policies. All inter-location calls are free.


Eliminate down-time caused by power-outages or natural disasters with 4Voice’s disaster recovery solutions. If an office goes down, calls can be automatically rerouted to alternate locations, land-lines or wireless phones. Once the office is restored, calls will automatically go back to their normal routing.


Our experts will help you design a phone configuration that allows calls to be directed in the most efficient manner, eliminating lost calls, long hold times and other problems that plague ‘cookie-cutter’ phone systems.


Relocating people or whole offices is seamless with 4Voice’s solutions. Moving people just requires unplugging and reconnecting the phones. There’s no need to rewire or reconfigure the phone system itself. Whether it’s next door or to another city, your entire office can easily move to any location that has broadband Internet access.