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Toll Free/Virtual Numbers

Flexible Plans, Simple Setup and Monthly Usage Reports

Our VoIP solution provides traditional 800 numbers and vanity numbers for virtual offices and others who need a ring-to-cloud service. All toll-free service plans are available with no long-term contract and include a report of monthly usage, so you can pick the best plan for your business. So go ahead, choose the plan that’s right for your business today, and 4Voice will be with you as you grow.

Standard Toll-Free Service – $10.00/month

Our standard toll-free VoIP service is for businesses that receive a moderate number of phone calls per month. Standard service includes:

Premium Toll-Free Service – $25.00/month

Our premium toll-free service is for businesses that receive varying numbers of calls each month. Premium service includes:

Elite Toll-Free Service – $45.00/month

Our Elite toll-free service is the best value for businesses that receive a high volume of calls. Elite service includes: