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How It Works

4Voice 2Connect Cloud-Hosted Business Phone Solutions

Affordable & Reliable—4Voice 2Connect Cloud-Hosted Business Phone Solutions

Today’s business phones are increasingly complex to deploy and manage. 4Voice brings simplicity back to the process by providing our clients with highly-customized solutions and seamless integrations specific to any business’s needs. Our hosted business phone solution, 2Connect, uses centrally hosted servers that receive your phone calls and directs them to any phone the situation calls for, be it your mobile, branch office, home office or remote location.
Our solution is ideal for companies of all sizes—especially those with multiple locations and remote staff. Your voice transmissions are managed from a secure location to deliver service from the cloud that is fast, clear and reliable whether calling from the home office, branches or working remotely.
There is no need to invest in a costly phone system at each of your locations, or to worry about maintenance or upgrade costs—all you need to purchase are industry standard Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phones, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Highly Customizable VoIP Solutions for Every Business 2Connect Features

Our 2Connect hosted phone solution offers all the standard business voice features, including dedicated voicemail boxes, extension dialing, call management, call routing and much more, all at an affordable, predictable price. We provide customers with advanced features such as voicemail, email, find-me/follow-me, automatic call re-routing, detailed call reporting and disaster recovery. Also, 2Connect’s inbound and outbound eFax service helps you save time and eliminate waste.

Voice Menu Systems & Customized Call Routing

A simple-to-use, open platform, 2Connect’s voice menu systems and customized call routing help you present a unified, professional interface to your customers without ever missing a call. A consolidated, single, optimized infrastructure for voice and data, 2Connect simplifies your network and streamlines your service providers. Our experts work with you to design a phone configuration that fits your business, and since we control our system, we can create specific features for all of your individual business needs.

Advantages of 4Voice

  • Customized reporting on phone activity with email- and web-delivered reports
  • Fixed, predictable price includes all features
  • Unified remote, branch, mobile and home office phones
  • Tailored solutions for each and every client
  • Resilient internet failover keeps your service up even when primary internet connections fail
  • 24/7 monitoring means zero down-time during implementation, zero down-time once deployed
  • Closed-loop analytics using customized CRM integrations help you assess ROI and productivity