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External System Integration

Seamless & Flexible—External System Integrations

At 4Voice we know that every business is unique—one size does not fit all. To meet this challenge with the functionality and reliability you expect, we create solutions to fit all businesses—regardless of size or complexity. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and seamlessly integrated into any call center. Through our easy-to-use cloud-based phone system, customers receive a rich set of features and external integrations.

Business VoIP—External Integrations Made Easy

The 4Voice solution is easily integrated into any business’s call center for customer service, volume handling and external reporting systems. Multiple site and tablet integration capability enable fast, secure call recording and logging.

Integrate VoIP with CRM to Streamline Your Business

Our reliable and comprehensive hosted business communications also offer seamless CRM integrations, allowing you to make, receive and analyze calls without leaving your customized dashboard. By connecting CRM accounts with your business phone system, you can keep track of your communications with customers and prospects. Data exchanged between the two platforms enables real-time calling data and closed-loop analytics, allowing you to anticipate customer needs.

Don’t get behind competitors. Robust integrations and superior data insight ensure higher revenue and customer satisfaction.