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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Relief & Business Continuity Solutions - 2Link VoIP

Reliable and Sophisticated - 2Link Disaster Functionality VoIP Services

2Link’s VoIP disaster recovery solutions allow you to easily implement a backup plan in the event of a site failure. If a disaster or major disruption should occur, your calls are automatically rerouted to an alternate location or to backup phone numbers to keep your business functioning efficiently.

Zero Downtime Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our disaster recovery VoIP solutions feature:

2CallCenter Benefits - Performance Reporting, Routing, Agent Monitoring and More

2Link’s VoIP disaster recovery solutions can handle any problem, big or small. Real-time client connection monitoring ensures quick resolution, even when ISPs are to blame. Also, 4Voice phone experts provide comprehensive solutions, allowing your IT personnel, managers and principals to focus on mission-critical work. Protect your company with 4Voice today.