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Phone Systems for Transportation and Logistics Companies

The logistics industry is vital both to the economy and to people’s survival. It is the transportation of products from their manufacturer to the consumer. That includes trucking, planes, trains, and automobiles for delivery to both stores and homes.

It’s a vast industry that encompasses every part of people’s lives from food, products, and gasoline. Energy is dependent on it as coal must be moved, usually by train, to power plants for electrical generation.
Logistics is 9.1 percent of the national gross domestic product. Logistic costs were $2.3 trillion in 2022.

Logistics depends on communication. From scheduling distribution to making sure planes can safely land, every aspect of this industry requires dependable communication.

Communication Challenges
in the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry faced enormous challenges with the 2020 pandemic and the year following. Communication issues were part of that as many of those employees were sent home or out sick and lots of industries were shuttered.

Three communication challenges noted during that time, and which continue to be a concern, are communications about disrupted supply chains, finding and transporting raw materials for products, and higher border security in many countries.

The need to have faster, more secure communications is paramount, and old-fashioned systems like landlines no longer can meet those demands. That is why more of those in the logistics industry are looking to VoIP.

Solutions for Logistics
Communication Challenges

Many logistics companies are looking to VoIP PBX systems to resolve modern issues facing them. These types of systems like what 4Voice offers offer integrated call software that accounts for all communication with data available.

That makes it easy to keep track of changes in supply chain issues, routes, deliveries, and specific details. It also offers inbound call routing that is fast, efficient, and customized so those working with pickup and delivery of both raw materials and finished products can take care of daily operations quickly.

VoIP services from 4Voice also offer more security like end-to-end encryption so documents and other required items are safe when working with stringent border security measures.

Benefits of Using 4Voice VoIP Systems

4Voice VoIP systems have additional advantages beyond remedying the major challenges of logistical communications. Our VoIP system can be integrated into your current equipment, including mobile phones and smartphones. That allows those not in the office to both access and respond to clients, vendors, employees, and transporters through the business number rather than their number.

This ensures calls are missed or lost. Call recording and monitoring provide an extra layer of security and efficiency for communications as call information is sent to the dashboard and can be transcripted to text. Voice messages are also transcribed and sent to emails. All of these ensure that there are no lost messages or miscommunication in calls.

Another important benefit of VoIP in the logistics industry is unified messaging not just with voicemail but with fax. Sending faxes to email accounts allows quicker access to critical documents and information that is important when it comes to transporting goods and raw materials.

Documenting details, quickly adapting to changes, and secure communications are the most important things in the logistics industry. 4Voice VoIP makes sure logistics companies stay ahead of it all with a system that is both reliable and secure.