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Small Business Phone Service

Small Business Phone Service
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Small businesses make up nearly half of all private sector employees, employing 61.7 million in the U.S. It’s no wonder they employ so many people. After all, there are 33.1 million small businesses in America.

Small businesses are a major generator of small businesses, creating 17.3 million new jobs from 1995 to 2021.

Challenges to Small Business

There are three primary challenges to small business communication.
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The first is new tech that can open up new communication channels that must be managed. Online communication affects a small business' reputation as well as potential customers converted into loyal customers.

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Another challenge is that many small businesses still primarily use landlines for phone communications along with a patchwork of other communication options that can be disjointed and complicated.

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A third challenge is that voice calls over a phone are still the option most customers prefer after purchasing. That is particularly true of older customers as studies indicate that 36 percent of those over 56 years old rank phone calls as their preferred communication method.

Email ranks second with 30 percent in younger groups. However, even younger people like using the phone to do business with 22 percent listing it as their top preference.

Solutions for Small Business Communication

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The first challenge of tech overload can be fixed with 4Voice VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services streamlining all your communications. This allows you or your staff to access communication channels from a tablet, computer, or phone including mobile phones. That means you don't have to wait until you get to the office to check messages or emails and don't have to use your personal cell number to stay in touch with employees or customers.

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Call monitoring can be handled from your dashboard on your computer. This includes real-time call monitoring, data analysis, and recorded voice calls. This solves the second problem that using landlines and a series of other communication channels causes. Everything is seamless and works within your complete communication structure. Small business owners can use their old equipment with a customized 4Voice VoIP system.

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The third challenge is resolved with your VoIP system functional for incoming and outbound calls to office phones, mobile and smartphones, and landlines. Your customers can call you as before and get a better experience with excellent phone quality and no dropped or missed calls. 4Voice VoIP services are easy to implement and simple to use. They can cut communication costs in half for small businesses when compared to landlines. They have features that can help generate leads, provide an excellent customer experience, and provide faster, secure transmission of voice and data. 4Voice VoIP is a small business go-to standard for growth.