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Partner Program

Why Partner with 4Voice

4Voice welcomes you to partner with us to obtain access to one of the highest commission percentages in the Hosted VoIP industry. We provide achievable promotions that will boost and diversify your monthly revenue. We offer flexible commission structures and targeted arrangements to best fit into your business strategy.

TCG Platinum Sponsor

Integrated Partnerships

4Voice’s white-glove service is not only a part of our customer relationship strategy, it’s also how we approach our relationships with our partners. Engagement with new and active partners is a top priority for us.

Prioritized Relationships and Collaboration

Prioritized Relationships and Collaboration 4Voice’s channel relationships are our primary and highest priority opportunity for growth, and we take the following steps to ensure that our partners thrive:

Your Clients are Our Clients

Our customer retention rate stands at 95% and is directly attributed to our core values:

Safeguarding Success - Flexibility and Freedom

In keeping with our ‘one-size’ does not fit all philosophy, we work with our partners and clients on pricing models that maximize client value. All of our customers contracts come with a 90-day, no-questions-asked cancellation option.