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Moving Forward with Communication in High Tech

The high-tech industry is like the wind. It can’t be easily defined but you see the results of it. It is beyond all the world’s advancement from online shopping, to the space program, to the construction of earthquake-proof buildings.

High tech is loosely defined as encompassing STEM (science, technology, education, and mathematics). It includes jobs like IT workers, cybersecurity, engineers, data scientists, traditional scientists, and post-secondary teachers but can include many other related careers.

The closest you can get to identifying all aspects of the high-tech industry is by looking at STEM statistics. STEM companies generated $2.3 trillion in revenue in 2020 and provide support to 67 percent of all jobs in the US. It goes across a host of industries since many use various aspects of high tech in day-to-day business.

High Tech VoIP phone system

STEM itself produces an estimated 5.8 percent of U.S. jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 17 million workers in

Dealing with Communication Challenges in High Tech

Just because high-tech workers are producing advanced technology doesn't mean their communication architecture is always the best. Things can get overlooked in such a fast-paced environment. One of the biggest communication challenges for those in a STEM company is platforms and systems that allow teams to work better together.

Those in these fields aren't always the best at oral communication and these jobs may also require travel and movement within a building so there must be different ways to stay in contact with other team members. STEM employees need to get information on project changes or new research quickly and some communication systems are lacking in speed. 4Voice VoIP systems can help address both of those problems.

Getting High Tech Solutions
with 4Voice VoIP

One of the best key features of 4Voice VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is that you can retrieve and respond to messages in any number of ways. It has voice service over phones but voice messages also arrive in your email.

Conversations about projects can be recorded to be replayed for other team members over any number of platforms. There are alerts you can set up, intercom access through phones, and a dashboard that lets you see everything from phone call and message data to efficiency numbers. It can help those in high tech-find areas for improvement and track progress with various contacts in projects.

Streamlining your communications will improve function for your high-tech industry. It also cuts down on costs as the 4Voice VoIP system typically costs less than landlines and other options.

Two Benefits of Improving
Communication with VoIP

One of the unheralded advantages of the 4Voice VoIP system is being able to send calls to specific departments or even cell phones using one business number. High tech talent isn't easily found and many today work remotely from different parts of the globe. One phone number unites all your talent under your company's name no matter where they are or what their role is.

A second benefit of using the 4Voice VoIP system is security. A lot of high-tech information is proprietary and needs to be kept secure in transmission and storage. Our system includes end-to-end encryption set to the highest standards. 4Voice has its own server that is secured in a private data center with access limited to 4Voice engineers. There isn't a higher security standard set.

4Voice is a forward mover in this type of technology and can make changes to your high-tech communication system quickly through our 24/7 customer service. It can keep your STEM operation focused on creating new breakthroughs.