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Cloud-Hosted VoIP Features

  • Whether it's routing calls on the go, using custom routing to direct important calls, or using our fail-over handling to manage disruptions, 4Voice’s custom VoIP features for a business phone system help keep your business mobile.    
  • Our custom routing configurations ensure your calls are always answered, no matter where you are.
  • Moving offices or complete locations becomes as easy as plugging in a phone. Just take your phone with you, whether it's for a few days or a permanent move.
  • We offer VoIP SMS/texting services that enable you to text clients from your business number anywhere, anytime. Receive, track and reply to client messages from your desktop or mobile device with ease.
  • Scalable phone solutions make it easy to grow your business. There's never any unnecessary and costly equipment to buy for new locations—all you will need are phones and Broadband Internet access.
  • Adding employees is done in a snap—just request a new extension. Since we charge by usage, you may not even see an increase in your phone bill.
  • We can seamlessly integrate remote or home-based workers into your phone system too. With an extension number like all other employees, callers will not be aware of their call going to an external location.
  • Integrate personal, mobile and smartphones to function as part of the system
  • CRM integrations for better reporting and call handling
  • Launch web pages using caller information
  • Auto-post call data into CRM
  • Auto-post call records into data warehouses
  • Click-to-call interfaces from ACT, Outlook, SalesForce and other applications
  • Automated reminder calls for appointments
  • Post-call phone-based surveys for quality assurance
  • Phone-based interactive information lookup and account activations
  • On-call service with escalating call-out list to ensure calls are always handled
  • Customized dashboards and reporting
Dashboard and Reporting Features:
  • Inbound and outbound volumes
  • Call volumes for specific inbound numbers, useful in monitoring marketing campaigns
  • Calls made by extension
  • Detailed call records
  • Optional call recording
  • Agent and group performance: answers, abandons, service levels
  • Any customized dashboard is possible
Voicemail Features
  • Voicemail for each extension and dedicated general mailboxes
  • Notifications can be sent to multiple phones
  • Notifications for single numbers can go to multiple email addresses
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Missed calls that leave no message have unique messages
  • Voicemail option to leave a voicemail, email or combined message
  • Variable greetings for busy, no-answer and out-of-office statuses
  • Dial-by-name directory with voicemail greetings
  • Remote access through non-system phones
  • Optional voicemail reporting for unanswered messages
Call Handling Features:
  • Anonymous Call Blocking
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Return
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID-Determined Number Delivery
  • Conference Bridging
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Dial by Name
  • Distinctive Ring/Ring Control
  • Do Not Disturb
  • E-911
  • Extension Status Monitoring
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Flexible Call Routing
  • Hunting/Rollover/Ring
  • Groups
  • Intercom
  • IVR Menus
  • Music on Hold/Transfer
  • Overhead Paging
  • Remote Call Forwarding
  • Roaming Extensions
  • Three-way calling
  • Virtual Voice Mailbox
  • Voicemail
Auto-Attendants, Advanced Call Handling
  • Set auto-attending to intercept calls based on multiple conditions
  • Multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) with hidden options
  • English and Spanish announcement support
  • Day, night, and holiday messages
  • Professional message recording service
  • Tag calls with identifiers for "sales" and "support" etc.
  • Automatic time-based call routing
  • Simple phone-enabled call handling settings for people on the go
Call Groups
  • Use multiple extensions for a single function
  • Ring to all, ring least recently called, round robin, priority-based routing
  • Set wait intervals before escalating call to wider group
  • Assign permanent group members or use login/logout to indicate availability
  • Customize rings for specific types of calls and priority calls
  • Enable automatic call answering to boost productivity
  • Whisper / Barge-in / Call Monitoring for training and quality control
  • Group call recording
  • Flexible messaging for wait times and caller positions
  • Real-time call monitoring

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