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Area Code 404, 470, 678, and 770 phone numbers - Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia is a major metropolitan region within the 404, 470, 678 and 770 area codes.

When your local business presence isn’t enough, 4voice takes you where your customers are.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a bustling city that serves as an economic anchor in the southeastern United States. It sports both manufacturing, and technology, and has become a premier location for the movie industry. Atlanta also has one of the largest local calling areas in the country with three area codes of 470, 678, and 770 to serve the half million residents living there.
Area Code 404, 470, 678, and 770 phone numbers - Atlanta

Big Business

This southern jewel is home to both Fortune 500 companies and recognized universities. Recognized businesses located in the Atlanta and surrounding areas include Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, The Home Depot, and Chick-Fil-A. 

Universities include Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech University, Morehouse College, Spellman College, and Oglethorpe University. The University of Georgia is less than an hour away. 

Atlanta serves as a startup center for business with Georgia ranking ninth in the U.S. in the number of yearly startups. Startups in Georgia make up 13.99 percent of new jobs annually. 

Atlanta is vibrant and diverse, which makes it attractive to both large and small businesses. It also makes sense for businesses to have a reliable, modern communication platform to make the most of all the opportunities that the city offers.

Getting a Local Presence

Those seeking to set up shop in what is called Hotlanta can benefit from 4voice VoIP with services that include a local phone number and call data analytics. This complements the city’s startup ecosystem which includes a skilled and educated workforce, local and state governments that are business-friendly, great distribution mechanisms, and access to capital. 

The state offers many tax incentives and breaks for those starting a business in Georgia and local cities in and around the Atlanta metropolitan area compete for business with incentives. 

Local colleges and business initiatives offer incubators, mentorship, and other programs that boost startups. Some of these resources are found with the Metro Atlanta Chamber, the Atlanta Tech Village, and the Advanced Technology Development Center. 

Atlanta’s rich history is a diverse one that has shaped the country’s attitudes in different ways over the centuries. It had an important role in the Civil War but also played an equally important role in the 1960s civil rights movement. The area was first home to Native Americans and it pays tribute to that culture in city and road names as well as numerous historic sites.

4voice Loves Atlanta

The Culture

The city’s vibrant flair is seen in its culture and arts scene which includes the High Museum of Art and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. It is also home to the Carter Center, the Fox Theater, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

While the city is rooted in history, it points to the future with an aeronautics industry found in nearby Lockheed-Dobbins AFB and technology companies that connect with Georgia Tech. 

The city also boasts of its entertainment and sports scene with the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Atlanta Braves located there. It is a pivot point for the movie industry since it can provide both city and rural locations for films. 

It’s also known for its hospitality with both high-end hotels and bed-and-breakfast accommodations, Southern food, and a friendly atmosphere.

Atlanta has both rivers and lakes within its metropolitan area, the largest granite mountain in the world at Stone Mountain Park, and is at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Outdoor recreational activities abound, especially since the weather is moderate year-round.

Atlanta has always been a business hub since it’s strategically located where I-75, I-85, and I-20 intersect. The Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport is an international facility where most domestic and business planes are routed before they head to final destinations. 

Those using the 4Voice platform can utilize features like management and billing remotely from anywhere, even places outside the city. It also has real-time monitoring and calls data analysis so those who are on the move can keep up with all that is going on with their Atlanta business.

It’s an affordable service that small to mid-size businesses can greatly benefit from when they are competing with larger companies in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s thriving economy isn’t limited to the city but spreads into the metropolitan areas that are part of the local calling area like Marietta, Norcross, Peachtree City, Newnan, Cartersville, and Rome. Those who move ahead with an excellent communication system can make the most of this dynamic Southern city.

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4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

So, there is much to be seen from the 4voice phone benefits as they can offer to your business in Atlanta area codes 404, 470, 678 and 770. While there is a growth and development to your business presence in the area, there are numerous technological benefits to the digital phone from any location across the country. Without excessive increased phone expenses, you have access to the latest technology of PBX features including voicemail, call-forwarding, multiple extensions and many more. While there is more to consider in the digital VoIP services of the 4voice system, it is great to know that your business phone numbers have the ability to move with the activity of every member of your team.

Qualities both simple and advanced as operation from any and every location worldwide, whether standard or traveling are included in the benefits of your digital VoIP services with 4voice. Any company large or small has the ability to build a local business presence, no matter their physical location. With the 4voice VoIP system there is access to simple and affordable price plans from day one.

With the flexibility of the 4voice VoIP system there is the potential for easy upgrades as needed in times of adjustment and expansion. These features provide the ability to work from anywhere, whether at home, the office or on the road. 4voice provides a consistently reliable network for communication with customers, colleagues, vendors and more. With access to quality, affordable services there is never any reason to fall short on quality communication inside and outside the company. While there is the ability to choose the specific services to meet business needs, there is also the ability to scale the size of a company’s 4voice system to match their identity. No matter the number of extensions needed on-site, forwarded to employees and more, there is always the ability to match the 4voice system to current needs. And it can always be updated, upgraded and modified as needed.

A prime feature in the 4voice system is the Auto Attendant, with the ability to help both small and large businesses in many ways. Serving as an automated receptionist it allows callers to select their specific recipient immediately. This helps large companies with ease of function for the receptionist role, while also adding a more professional appearance to smaller companies and start-ups.


Another key benefit to the 4voice system is the 4voiceONE App, which allows employees to access their business phone from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Use of this app helps access to conference calls, voicemail to email, call recording and many more PBX features offered within the 4voice system. Easily assisting business, 4voice is able to port most existing phone numbers over to any company system helping to make switches, additions and other changes immediate and seamless.

Then there is the 4voice platform which is easy to use and allows management of users, features and billing from anywhere. With the use of the 4voice platform the company is able to monitor real-time activity, spot patterns, compare call data and create custom business reports to help analyze company-wide business trends. Also, in the case of questions or requests the 4voice support team is always available both with live technical support and customer service as well as incredible how-to tutorial videos.

The reliable 4voice system ensures business continuity and automatically reroutes calls to predefined phone numbers, even in the event of power outages and natural disasters. 4voice’s own security also works for the safety of all customer data, making sure that only authorized traffic ever enters the 4voice cloud.

Amazing Service® is the foundation or base of the 4voice system. Amazing Service® is promised and provided to every customer at all times. Therefore, 4voice support is always available to answer questions and requests, ensuring customer calls are always answered by the 2nd ring. The 4voice team is here for all customer service and support needs. Quality!