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Moving the Office? Now’s Your Chance to Upgrade to Professional VoIP Phone Solutions

If your business still pays for a landline phone solution, it’s quickly becoming a minority. More and more businesses are ditching outdated landlines for more flexible, competitive solutions. Office moves are a great time to start fresh: take advantage of this transition time to modernize your business with a VoIP solution

Out with the Old, In with the New

Transitioning landline systems is expensive – so expensive, in fact, that the cost of moving a landline system could more than cover all the expenses associated with adopting a VoIP solution. And that’s on top of the monthly savings businesses experience with VoIP.

Additionally, if your business is relocating to accommodate a larger workforce, it’ll face a more extensive installation process, and any expansion or downsizing in the future will mean additional costly reconfigurations. Instead of weighing your business down with a clunky phone infrastructure, upgrade to a modern solution designed to accommodate flexible and dynamic operations. 

Check In on Your Business’s Needs

The inventory and audit process of an office move is a great time to re-evaluate your phone system needs. Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  • Does your office have too many or too few lines?
  • Does your phone system lack any call handling capabilities that would improve efficiency?
  • Are remote workers fully integrated into your office’s communication system?
  • Is your business’s call volume variability manageable?
  • Do employees often miss or mishandle calls?

Discuss these and any other concerns with potential providers. Fortunately, standard VoIP capabilities can solve many common business phone issues: for example, changing user information or the number of lines is quick and simple. VoIP PBXs enable extensive call handling features, and unlimited lines or burstable SIP VoIP trunks solve the problem of unpredictable call volumes. Most of these features are included in standard packages (as opposed to landlines billing à la carte), and add-ons like VoIP toll-free numbers and e-fax lines come quite cheap.

If your business has very specific or niche needs, VoIP solutions are malleable; quality providers will develop a plan to customize your VoIP solution to your business.

Improve Office Functionality

VoIP solutions not only reduce phone costs and maintenance, they also modernize other landline-based systems. When businesses move their fax lines over to VoIP, for example, employees can send and receive faxes from their email while preserving the files’ integrity and security.

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Additionally, VoIP’s seamless call handling allows employees to easily transfer calls between locations, forward calls to their cell phone or laptop when working remotely and route incoming calls to an alternate number when they are unavailable.

Tip: Implement your VoIP solution right before your move rather than after. VoIP’s smooth call handling will bridge the gap between the old and new space as you transition.

Plan for the Future

Aside from missing out on big savings, paying to preserve your landline service only delays the inevitable. As traditional telecom systems fall further behind VoIP solutions, providers are starting to cut their traditional service offerings altogether. Why pay to maintain an outdated system that you’ll soon have to replace anyway?  

Start fresh at your new location with a modern phone system. To learn how 4Voice’s business VoIP solutions could cut your landline bill in half, download our infographic on the 10 benefits of 4Voice’s service.


Amruth Laxman

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Amruth Laxman

25+ years of telecom experience, specializing in high availability software and systems, I’ve seen the transformative impact they have on businesses. As the founding partner of 4Voice, I deliver customized, reliable phone solutions and can’t wait to share my insights with you in this blog.

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