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Secure and Mobile - eFax VoIP Business Services

Our sophisticated eFax service allows users to send and receive faxes via email over a secure internet connection. Whether you’re working from a virtual office, or simply want to shed equipment and go digital, we have the right eFax service for you. Streamline business operations by giving each employee complete access to online faxing via desktop or laptop computer.

Customized and Cost-Effective Solutions for Faxing

Our eFax solutions feature:

  • Paperless fax: email to fax - fax to email. Always online, never busy and never out of paper.
  • Dedicated eFax numbers: ideal for fax-heavy environments where users need individual numbers, reducing instances of lost or mishandled faxes.
  • Adapters that enable physical fax machines to convert, send and receive messages over the internet.
  • Direct and secure file transfer.
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration.

Still have a traditional fax machine?

Our fax adapters give you the option to direct your eFaxes to email, or to an analog fax machine.


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