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Area Code 402 phone numbers - Lincoln

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Lincoln, Nebraska is in the 402 area code in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

When your local business presence isn’t enough, 4voice takes you where your customers are.

Lincoln, Nebraska, is the state’s primary economic and cultural center with 280,000 people calling it home. It has become known for its innovation and strong business environment in recent years and that has been a draw for many large corporations. 

Area Code 402 phone numbers - Lincoln

The Economy

The economy in Lincoln is diverse between large and small, corporations and startups with employers ranging from education to healthcare and government. The area’s largest employers include the University of Nebraska-Lincolm, Bryan Health, and the State of Nebraska. 

Startups have a lot of resources in Lincoln with a vast community of entrepreneurs. Many co-working spaces and incubators support entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Lincoln city government supports growth and innovation with economic development programs and incentives that encourage investment and expansion. The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development is one non-profit organization that attracts and retains businesses in the city and provides them with resources.

The Culture

The city offers a high quality of life with a rich cultural atmosphere that includes museums, theaters, and attractions. There are numerous city parks and trails, lakes, and recreational areas.

4voice Loves Lincoln

Creating a Presence

Lincoln is covered by the 402 area code. This area code covers the entire city and some surrounding areas. 

Doing business in Lincoln can be promoted by getting a local phone number in the 402 area code. Establishing a local connection with customers and suppliers in Lincoln will put businesses ahead of those using long-distance or toll-free numbers. Customers like to call businesses with local phone numbers and research shows they will call those numbers more often than toll-free or long-distance business numbers. 

Businesses with their eye on Lincoln can get the local presence needed with 4Voice VoIP services. 4Voice VoIP can get you a local phone number and also offer other essential features like remote communication management and real-time monitoring. It’s the ideal solution for small businesses and startups who use remote workers or who aren’t physically located in Lincoln. 

VoIP phone services are often more affordable than traditional landline services and can offer a range of additional features, such as virtual voicemail and call forwarding.

4Voice is a company that provides VoIP phone services for businesses in Lincoln and throughout the United States. Their services include a range of features such as auto-attendant, call recording, and mobile integration. 4Voice also offers 24/7 technical support to ensure that businesses have reliable and efficient communication systems.

Having a seamless communication system is crucial to doing business and those in Lincoln will want to work with those who offer reliable ways to stay in touch. Using 4Voice VoIP is reliable, cost-effective, and scalable so it’s a good way to start or expand your business in this Nebraska city.

4voice digital phone system benefits include:

Patient communication
Business phone service

Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

If your business is considering expanding into Nebraska, a Lincoln area code is a great place to start. Instead of hiring a new team or building another office, you can tap into the local economy by adding area code 402 to your business number. With 4voice VoIP services, you can answer calls to the Lincoln area code on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer from anywhere in the world.

Each 4voice digital phone system also comes with pre-packaged and powerful PBX features. Run your business better with voicemail to email services, call recording, and conference call capabilities. If you’re a small business looking to give off a professional impression, a medium sized business trying to save money, or a big business focused on staying organized, the 4voice Auto Attendant software is also included to help you reach that goal. The pre-recorded system comes with each 4voice package and will simplify your customers’ calls by pointing them to the right extension, every time.

That’s not all, though. When you purchase area code 402 for your business, you also get access to the exclusive NextOS software. The easy to use system organizes all of your users, features, and even your billing in one place. This lets you stay in control of your calls because you can access it from anywhere in the world!


When you’re ready to grow your business beyond the Lincoln area code, 4voice will be by your side. The flexible upgrade system means that you can add new number and extensions any time you need them. Additionally, the affordable pricing and “no hidden fees” guarantee ensure that every business owner can rest easy knowing that there will never be an extra charge on the bill.

Finally, 4voice digital phone systems are the right choice for your Lincoln area code because of the Amazing Service from the customer support team. The department is on-call seven days a week to troubleshoot your problems, answer your questions, and personally walk you through any issue that you have with your VoIP services.

Are you ready to grow your business in Nebraska, and tap into the local economy of the state? If so, call 4voice to get instant activation on a Lincoln area code. You’ll get started with powerful PBX features, easy to use software, affordable pricing, and exemplary customer service. Call today!