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Area Code 562 phone numbers - Long Beach

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Long Beach, California is in the 562 area code in Los Angeles County, California.

When your local business presence isn’t enough, 4voice takes you where your customers are.

Long Beach, California, is a dynamic coastal city in Los Angeles County with a population of more than 470,000 people and a 50-square-mile land area. Located in Los Angeles County, Long Beach ranks seventh in the state for population and is a hub of economic activity that ranges from tourism to manufacturing.

Area Code 562 phone numbers - Long Beach

The Economy

Healthcare is a major employer in Long Beach with MemorialCare Health System, Molina Healthcare, and Scan Health Plan located there. Top manufacturers include Boeing, Gulfstream Aerospace, and PPG Industries. 

Tourism has long been a major economic boost for Long Beach. Attractions that lie within city limits include the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary, museums, and art galleries. Long Bean hosts many events and festivals throughout the year including the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Long Beach Jazz Festival.

Creating a Presence

Long Beach has the 562 area code, which is different from other parts of Los Angeles County. Having its own area code unifies the city into its character and that is important when it comes to doing business there. 

One way to attract more customers and do more business in Long Beach is to have a phone number with the 562 area code. Using a local number connects you to Long Beach customers who rather call a local number rather than use a long-distance or toll-free number. 

The 4Voice VoIP system provides businesses with local Long Beach numbers along with many other features. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides a high-quality phone service that rivals any landline and offers more features than what traditional phone services offer including virtual voicemail and call forwarding.

4voice Loves Long Beach

Unique Features

One unique feature of 4Voice is that you can pick your area code based on specific areas where you want to do business even if you are physically located in that area. Businesses can manage their communications remotely, get data analysis on their calls, and have real-time monitoring. 

4Voice is a company that provides VoIP phone services for businesses in Long Beach and throughout the United States. Their services include a range of features such as auto-attendant, call recording, and mobile integration. 4Voice also offers 24/7 technical support to ensure that businesses have reliable and efficient communication systems.

This VoIP company also offers cloud-based unified communications solutions that allow businesses to integrate their phone systems with other communication channels, such as email and instant messaging, to create a seamless communication experience. This can improve collaboration among employees and increase efficiency, especially if you have a lot of remote workers.

A local presence in Long Beach is essential for companies looking to tap into the city’s thriving economy. Services from 4Voice VoIP can offer a local presence along with many other enhanced features that give your business some serious clout in the area where your business can make waves.

4voice digital phone system benefits include:

Patient communication
Business phone service

Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

4voice offers business communications services that allow you to work from wherever you are, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. 4voice’s reliable network, affordable services, and seamless scalability equate to an ideal solution for businesses of any size in .

4voice’s business phone service for is easily scalable, allowing you to add or remove users as needed. Plus, you’ll save money on your monthly costs and setup as compared to traditional phone systems. Couple that with our reliability and Amazing Service®, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

4voice’s feature-rich business phone service allows you to stay connected with your customers and colleagues to increase productivity, whether you’re in or on the road. The Auto Attendant provides a greeting that lets callers select who they would like to speak with, eliminating the need for a live receptionist and providing ease for large companies and a professional impression for smaller ones. With the 4voiceONE App, you can access your business phone from your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to continue communication from wherever you are. Conference calls, voicemail to email, and call recording are just a few other features that will greatly impact your business in . Plus, most existing business phone numbers can easily port over to 4voice, allowing you to keep your current number to make the switch seamless.

The NextOS platform is a powerful tool that will make an incredible impact on your business communications – it is easy to use and it allows you to manage your users, features, and billing for your business in one place – plus, you can manage all of this from anywhere you have an Internet browser or mobile device. You’ll never be lost in NextOS 3.0 – XBert tips translate technical and phone terms to English, giving you help when you need it, and how-to video tutorials provide additional support.


4voice Analytics integrates seamlessly with our business phone service and allows you to quickly view, analyze, and act on your call and employee activity data in. This gives you the power to both manage your phone system and have access to all of your call data in one place. With 4voice Analytics, you can monitor real-time call activity for your business, spot patterns and compare data, and create custom reports to give you a deeper understanding of your business trends.

Our reliable system ensures business continuity and automatically reroutes calls to predefined numbers in the event of power loss or a natural disaster so you don’t miss any important calls. Our security measures ensure only authorized traffic enters our network, so your information is safe and secure. We currently have multiple data centers, with more on the way, across a wide area to host our core platform, each of which have the highest security available. Even our office building is on lock-down with restricted access to badge-entry by employees only. We also have 24×7 security guards on-site who never sleep – so you can.

Amazing Service is the foundation of our culture here at 4voice, and it drives everything we do. We’re here to support your business every step of the way. In fact, 95% of our sales and customer support calls are answered by the 2nd ring, and 100% of our support team works in-house. From first call resolution, to the ease of use of our services, and the reliability of our network, we’re always here for you.