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Area Code 414 phone numbers - Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin is in the 414 area code in Milwaukee County.

When your local business presence isn’t enough, 4voice takes you where your customers are.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a Midwest city known for its beer, cheese, and the 1970s TV show Laverne and Shirley. It has a lot to offer its 590,000 people who live there on around 95 square miles within the city limits. Milwaukee is the most populous city in Wisconsin and is covered by the 414 area code.

Area Code 414 phone numbers - Milwaukee

The Economy

The city’s economy, although diverse now, is still driven by beer and cheese. More than $9 billion in yearly revenue is added to the state’s economy because of the beer industry. Milwaukee has long been known as the “beer capital of the world” because of the number of breweries there including old brands like Miller, Pabst, Schlitz, and Blatz.

Now, it has kept its title by leading the way in craft brewing. This includes MillerCoors, created by the Molson Coors Brewing Company when it purchased Miller, making it the city’s largest brewery. There are also many smaller craft brewing brands like Milwaukee Brewing Co., Black Husky Brewing, and Explorium Brewpub.

Cheese has long been a Milwaukee favorite for the economy, as it is for the state. Cheese factores in Milwaukee are smaller factories that do specialty selections like Widmer’s Cheese Cellars and Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese. Cheese shops dot the city streets and do well with both residents and tourists.

Milwaukee residents can’t live off beer and cheese alone. Many other industries and businesses add to the city’s thriving economy including manufacturing companies like Harley-Davidson and Briggs & Stratton. The employees are thousands of workers and are two of the city’s top employers.

Healthcare also employs many Milwaukee residents as there are multiple facilities there including Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Culture

Some may not think of this Midwestern city as a hotbed of tourism but attractions like the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Harley-Davidson Museum draw tourists. The city hosts festivals throughout the year including Summerfest, touted as the world’s largest music festival. It also draws visitors from across the country.

4voice Loves Milwaukee

Creating a Presence

Businesses can do well in this bustling city if they situate their enterprise correctly with the residents and other businesses already there. That means an emerging business or startup needs to get a phone number in the 414 area code to create a local connection to Milwaukee.

Establishing a local presence is important to building a business. Those living in Milwaukee, from city officials to suppliers and potential customers, want businesses that are invested in the community. They want businesses that plan on staying there.

Getting a local phone number from 4Voice VoIP is a way to build trust. It can also help streamline your communication system with features that are superior to those offered by landlines like visual voicemail, remote system management, and data analysis.

Plus, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are highly cost-effective in comparison to landlines. There’s instant activation of chosen business numbers, 24./7 customer service, and backup systems in case of storms and power outages.

A local phone number from 4Voice also makes it easier for customers and suppliers in Milwaukee to call your business rather than use a long-distance number or a toll-free number.

Expanding or starting a business in Milwaukee could be a smart move with the right foundation. Part of that is setting up an effective communications system that also helps you promote your business. 4Voice can help you with that and get your business in Milwaukee brewing.

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Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

4voice digital phone systems allow businesses to expand into new states and local markets, all without opening a new branch. Instead, you can purchase area code 414 and tap into the local Wisconsin economy with VoIP services. Every Milwaukee area code from 4voice comes with instant activation and requires zero extra equipment, so you can get started today. Answer calls to area code 414 on smartphones, computers, and tablets, all from the comfort of a home or office anywhere in the world.

Begin using the VoIP services with the 4voice rollover plan, and add a Milwaukee area code to your existing business phone. You can also purchase a brand new number to start fresh instead. No matter which you choose, you’ll get access to powerful PBX features to help you manage your business better.

Are you worried about staying organized with your new area codes? Now, 4voice makes it easy to keep everything under control with the NextOS software. This system is accessible from anywhere in the world and lets you manage your users, features, and billing all in one place. Then, when you’re ready to grow, it’s as simple as activating the flexible upgrades and choosing which area codes and extensions you want to add-on. The affordable pricing and “no hidden fees” guarantee mean you’ll never see a pay a hidden charge, and expanding your business with 4voice is possible under any budget.

Last, but certainly not least, in the 4voice VoIP package is the amazing customer service. The 100% in-house team is ready to answer your calls and questions seven days a week. Whether it’s troubleshooting, problem-solving, or anything else, the customer support department will walk you through every issue until it’s resolved to your satisfaction.

If your business is ready to expand in Wisconsin, a Milwaukee area code from 4voice is the solution. The digital phone systems are affordable, easy to use, and come with extra features to make sure your business runs smoothly. Purchase area code 414 and receive powerful PBX features, NextOS software use, and responsive customer support, all included in the price.

What are you waiting for? Call now to get instant activation, and expand your business in Milwaukee today!