nexVortex Customers FAQs

Welcome nexVortex Customers

4Voice is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of nexVortex’s hosted voice business. For more than 13 years, 4Voice has been serving the telecom needs of small and medium-sized businesses across all major industries. On a day-to-day, it will be business as usual, only now you have new resources and an extended support team to continue delivering you the high-quality results you deserve. 4Voice joining forces with nexVortex, a company as passionate about high-quality and affordable phone service as 4Voice, is what will takes us into the next chapter in telcom success.

You can reach 4Voice support at a dedicated toll-free number for nexVortex customers: 888-341-0580. Your account login remains the same.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why was this transfer executed?

By combining the strengths of both company’s offerings, nexVortex and 4Voice strongly believe this transfer brings added value to Hosted Voice customers by delivering a wider feature set, combined expertise in the Hosted Voice market and an expanded and dedicated team of support specialists focused exclusively on these clients.

Will this affect the products and services that I use?

4Voice is taking over the entire technology base as well as the support and technical staff associated with the existing nexVortex client base. As a result, the products and services will remain the same along with the existing feature set. 4Voice does plan to augment these with new features and products to help you have the widest choices.

Who do I contact for support?

4Voice has setup a dedicated support line – 888-341-0580 and email address – mysupport@4voice.net.

We are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or problems.

Will my pricing be affected?
Your existing pricing will remain the same. No changes will be made to contract terms or pricing.
Will I need to change my payment information?

All payment information in the customer portal will remain the same. The customer portal will also stay the same for the foreseeable future. Your login and password will also remain the same. 

What happens if I’m currently transitioning to nexVortex?
Existing customer migrations will continue as scheduled. The team handling these is also transferring to 4Voice and will ensure continuity. 4Voice will also be reaching out to each customer in this pipeline to address any concerns.

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