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Cost-Effective, Reliable Solutions That Grow With Your Business

At 4Voice, we offer a variety of business phone systems and services to help you connect with your customers. Find a complete price list of our services below. Most charges are recurring monthly charges or price-per-minute options.

Business Phone Solutions

Whether you are just starting out, or have an established business, you can gain flexibility and efficiency using 4Voice's 2Connect hosted business phone solutions. Through our hosted business phone solution, there is no need to invest in a costly phone system at each of your locations. And, there are never any maintenance or upgrade costs. All you need to purchase are industry standard Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phones.

Hosted Phone Service. Service per user for Standard phone service: $30.00

Hosted Phone Service. Service per user for Basic phone service: $10.00

Conference Bridge: $10.00

Business Call Center

4Voice's 2CallCenter service provides customization and call monitoring in order to manage calls effectively. Our business call center solution gives you complete control of your call center operation by providing you with customizable call routing and detailed reporting. You can use the 2CallCenter service without purchasing a costly phone system; all you need are industry standard VoIP phones.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Connectivity Solutions

Our 2Link VoIP service is an affordable package that saves our customers money and improves reliability by using their existing telephone system's VoIP interfaces.

Connectivity 2Link VoIP Service: $20 per channel.

Toll-Free Service

4Voice toll-free service provides traditional 1-800 numbers and vanity numbers for virtual offices who need a ring-to-cloud service. All toll-free service plans are available with no long-term contract and include a report of monthly usage so you can pick the best plan for your business. So go ahead, choose the plan that’s right for your business and 4Voice will be with you as you grow.

Toll-Free Service: 3.5 cents per minute

Standard Toll-Free Service: $10.00/month

Our standard toll-free service is for businesses that receive a moderate number of phone calls per month. Standard service includes:

  • Virtual toll-free number
  • 100 minutes of inbound calls
  • Additional minutes charged at 5¢ per minute

Premium Toll-Free Service: $25.00/month

Our Premium toll-free service is for businesses that receive varying numbers of calls each month. Premium service includes:

  • Virtual toll-free number
  • 500 minutes of inbound calls
  • Additional minutes charged at 4.5¢ per minute

Elite Toll-Free Service: $45.00/month

Our Elite toll-free service is the best value for businesses that receive a lot of calls. Elite service includes:

  • A toll-free number
  • 1000 minutes of inbound calls
  • Additional minutes charged at 4¢ per minute

Disaster Phone Service Relief & Business Continuity Solutions

2Link’s VoIP disaster recovery solutions allow you to create a backup plan in the event of a site failure. In the event of a disaster, your calls would be automatically rerouted to an alternate location or backup phone numbers.

Please contact us for pricing information on our custom disaster recovery solutions.

eFax Service

Our eFax service enables users to send and receive faxes via email, over a secure internet connection. Our fax adapters can connect to traditional fax machines to emulate a landline-based fax, giving you the option to direct your eFaxes to email, or to an analog fax machine. Should they choose to, users can continue using their physical fax machine and connect it to their new 4Voice VoIP phone system.

eFax Service: $5.00 per user

Fax Service (Analog line): $20.00

International Calling Rates

With 4Voice service, all calls within the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are considered local. Domestic calls to Hawaii and Alaska are considered international and are billed at international rates. 

To view our international calling rates, download our international rate table. Please note that rates are subject to change.

To learn more about 4Voice phone services, products and integrations, please contact us.


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