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Area Code 585 phone numbers - Rochester

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New York City isn’t the only important part of the state. A Rochester area code can also help you reach new audiences there, so call 4voice to get started with area code 585 today!

When your local business presence isn’t enough, 4voice takes you where your customers are.

Rochester, New York, is a city on the move in the western area of New York State. It has a population of 208,000 people covered in its 585 area code, along with many industries and companies. 

Area Code 585 phone numbers - Rochester

The Economy

Three Rochester key industries are healthcare, education, and technology. The University of Rochester Medical Center is a huge healthcare provider for the region and others include Rochester Regional Health System and Strong Memorial Hospital.

The city is home to a host of educational institutions including the University of Rochester, which is a major research center. Other colleges and universities in the area include Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John Fisher College, and Monroe Community College.

The Tech Sector

Technology remains a growing sector in the city. That is partly because the Rochester Institute of Technology hosts the Rochester Institute of Technology Venture Creations business incubator. The incubator is responsible for helping many technology startups take root. Top technology companies in Rochester include Paychex, Harris Corporation, and Carestream Health.

4voice Loves Rochester

Creating a Presence

New businesses get a lot of support in Rochester. The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization that provides support and resources for new and existing businesses like networking, business education, and advocacy services. 

Doing business in Rochester starts with getting a local presence. That can easily happen with a phone number in the 585 area code that you can get from 4Voice VoIP. A local phone number gives you a Rochester identity and makes it easier for customers and suppliers in the city to contact your business. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has proved to be more cost effective for businesses than landlines. It has clear call quality, virtual voicemail, and call forwarding plus a range of features that streamline your business communications like auto-attendant, call recording, and mobile integration. 4Voice also offers 24/7 technical support to ensure that businesses have reliable and efficient communication systems.

A good communication platform is essential for a strong business. Customers and suppliers need to be about to reach out when they need to get information and they rather use a local phone number. 4Voice can help create a seamless communication system that gets you noticed in Rochester, New York.

4voice digital phone system benefits include:

Patient communication
Business phone service

Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

If your business is ready to expand in New York, consider a Rochester area code from 4voice digital phone services. The VoIP system requires zero extra equipment, so you can get started today. Then, answer calls to the local area code from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer anywhere in the world.

Nestiva digital phone systems let you run your business better. Every package includes powerful standard PBX features to help you serve your customers, like call recording, voicemail to email services, and conference call capabilities. Your Rochester area code will also come with the 4voice Auto Attendant software, which eliminates the need for a receptionist while efficiently getting your callers to the right extension, every time. If that’s not enough, you can also explore add-on features like 4voice Analytics for a more in-depth understanding of your customer base.

Another reason to choose 4voice for area code 585 is the NextOS software. This system keeps you organized and in control no matter where in the world you’re working from by letting you access all of your callers, users, billing and features in one place.

Then, when you’re ready to grow, take advantage of the flexible upgrade system. With 4voice your business will never be locked into one single package or growth trajectory. Instead, you can start with a Rochester area code and expand across the country while only buying the area codes you want, when you want them. Plus, the affordable pricing means growth is possible for businesses with any budget, and the “no hidden fees’ guarantee ensures you’ll never pay any extra charges.


Finally, rest easy knowing that 4voice has your back and will keep your Rochester area code up and running no matter what. You can call the 100% in-house customer service department seven-days a week with any questions you have, and the team will walk you through the troubleshooting every step of the way until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

Area code 585 is a great choice for any business ready to tap into a new market in New York. Purchase a Rochester area code with 4voice and transform your company’s growth with the complete VoIP package. You’ll get extra PBX features, easy-to-access software systems, flexible upgrade options, affordable pricing, responsive customer service, and more.

It’s time to turn your dream into a reality with 4voice. Reach a new audience without hiring a new team or opening a new location. Instead, grow risk-free at your own rate with 4voice by your side. Just call now to purchase area code 585 and start expanding in Rochester today!