Phone Security & Confidentiality

Weak VoIP security practices can make your organization susceptible to multiple security threats. Without appropriate security measures in place, your business could be exposed to bad actors who open the company and sensitive information to threats such as hackers, DDoS attacks and worse.

Unlike traditional, land-based phone services, 4Voice offers web-based phone services that take advantage of your existing broadband or DSL phone connection. Because our service is cloud-based, we are dedicated to ensuring both the phone and resulting data are secure with best-in-class security technologies.

Protect Your Network with 4Voice

Our VoIP phone system security protocol includes:

  • Servers located in secure data facilities – Facilities are under 24/7 surveillance. Only authorized 4Voice engineers are allowed access.
  • Closely tracked and identified callers – Seamless and secure interactions, location-to-location.
  • Guarded customer data that is never shared with third parties.
  • Private wires for easy and secure sharing of confidential information.

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