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Small business VoIP phone systems

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes but they have one common factor. All need good communication platforms to do well. Most people think of the corner store mom-and-pop as a small business but the official U.S. government definition is a business where revenues fall between $1 million and $40 million a year and which employs between 100 and 1,500 people.

However, some business school definitions put small businesses as those with 10 to 49 employees.

Mid-size or medium businesses have an annual revenue of between $50 million to $1 billion. They have mostly between 50 and 249 employees although they could have more.

Another term that has come up is microenterprises. These are companies that have far less annual revenue than a small business and typically have less than 10 employees. All of these businesses have likely been in one or more stages of growth from startup to mid-size. That makes scalability an important part of their communication structure.

Challenges with Small
& Mid-Size Business

Everyone has heard of businesses experiencing growing pains and that is certainly true of businesses in the small and medium categories. They have either grown substantially in recent years or have plans to do so. The biggest challenge in these growth spurts is making sure their tech and communications grow with them. Failing to take care of this aspect means inefficiency and problems meeting customers’ needs.
In fact, a business that grows so fast that it can’t keep up in infrastructure scalability is doomed to failure.

Automobile manufacturing then overlaps with the trucking and distribution industries. It includes marketing vehicles, parts, fluids, and upgrades as well as selling all of this at car dealers or in retail shops. That is where this industry again crosses into a secondary sector with retailing items.

It also affects the raw product industry as it uses materials like iron, rubber, petroleum, and aluminum.

Challenges with Small
& Mid-Size Business

4Voice VoIP Solutions for Growth

4Voice VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is completely scalable for micro, small, to mid-size businesses. One phone call to the 24/7 customer service center can get lines and users added, deleted, or new customizations started to update your communication architecture.

Plus, with engineers offering 24/7 support, business owners will get the tech support they need without having to pay additional costs.

Another plus for going with 4Voice VoIP services is that your current communication costs with landlines will likely be cut in half. That's money you can use for your next hire or new equipment.

Benefits of Using
4Voice VoIP in Business

VoIP with 4Voice comes with all the standard features you currently have with landlines but adds more elements that you can only get with modern tech. It can transcribe voice messages to email text automatically and send them to your email so you never have to go through the voicemail system. It records voice calls for playback later and can even transcribe them for your records.

It can help expand your territory by allowing remote employees to use it with a local business number from anywhere in the world using their computer, tablet, or cell phone. It gives your business more professional credibility because all communications are streamlined under one business number.

4Voice VoIP services can elevate the customer experience and that could add to your bottom line. 4Voice is in the business of making your business work for you.