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Area Code 757 phone numbers - Virginia Beach

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Is Virginia on your radar for business growth? If so, get connected to area code 757 with 4voice VoIP services, and enjoy instant activation on your Virginia Beach area code today!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, draws people to its gorgeous beaches on the east coast of the United States. It has a 450,000 population that occupies around 500 square miles. Although it’s a bustling city, its beaches and boardwalk provide calm to those to live and travel there. The city is covered by the 757 area code.

Area Code 757 phone numbers - Virginia Beach

The Economy

Tourism is a main source of revenue in Virginia Beach as millions of visitors enjoy the area every year. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is one of the most popular destinations in the city, featuring a three-mile boardwalk, numerous hotels and resorts, and a variety of restaurants and shops. Other popular attractions in the area include the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and the Military Aviation Museum.

Top employers in the area are Sentara Healthcare, the City of Virginia Beach, and the Virginia Beach Public Schools. It is also home to CBN, a news network started by evangelist Pat Roberston of the 700 Club news and information program.

Education in the City

Education is a central focus of the city as it is home to several universities and colleges. Virginia Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts college, is one of the largest with 1,500 students enrolled. 

Regent University, a private Christian university started in 1977, has both campus classrooms and distance education. Tidewater Community College also educates thousands of students in the city, proving the area with a talented and skilled workforce. 

Virginia Beach is noted for its many startups and small businesses. The local government helped build this with many resources for entrepreneurs. The Virginia Beach Economic Development Authority also helps with practical tasks like site selection and funding resources.

4voice Loves Virginia Beach

Creating a Presence

Virginia Beach is a dynamic area and a business wanting to break into that market needs a local phone number in the 757 area code from 4Voice VoIP. A Virginia Beach phone number will go a long way to establish credibility and trust in this city and 4Voice offers many features as part of its platform that a business should consider it. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows phone calls to be made over the Internet. It is a reliable and more affordable solution than landlines as you can manage your phone system from anywhere, even when you aren’t in the city. 

Getting a local phone number now will help you establish a presence in Virginia Beach now so you can build your support system, connections, and customer base without having to move there immediately. It can also put you in touch with local leaders who can help you when you want a physical location. 

Businesses already established in Virginia Beach will find that switching to a VoIP system will streamline their services with better call quality than landlines. It also helps move businesses into marketing because some of its features include data analysis and real-time monitoring. 

4Voice services include a range of features such as auto-attendant, call recording, and mobile integration. 4Voice also offers 24/7 technical support to ensure that businesses have reliable and efficient communication systems.

Getting a local number with 4Voice could be a decision that sets the pace for your business in Virginia Beach. It could make a difference with customers who only deal with local businesses and set your business up for a good future.

4voice digital phone system benefits include:

Patient communication
Business phone service

Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

A Virginia Beach area code can be an asset to any business that’s ready to expand in the state. Now you can get instant activation on area code 757 with 4voice VoIP services. The digital phone systems require zero extra equipment so you can begin today. Then, your business can answer calls to the local Virginia Beach area code on any internet connected device, anywhere in the world.

4voice is dedicated to helping businesses succeed, so every Virginia Beach area code also comes with powerful PBX features to help you serve your customers better. Keep your employees and callers in the loop with voicemail to email services, call recording, and conference call capabilities. Then, install the 4voice Auto Attendant to efficiently get your callers to the right extension, every time, and give a professional impression to every customer.

With 4voice, staying in control of your Virginia Beach area code is easy. Begin with area code 757 and expand across the state or the country with 4voice flexible upgrades. No two businesses are alike, so you always have the freedom to grow at your own pace. Plus, the affordable pricing and transparent billing mean you can always budget with peace of mind, knowing you’ll never pay extra charges for 4voice VoIP services.


We know you rely on your 4voice digital phone system to keep your business running smoothly, so we won’t let you down. The 100% in-house customer service team is on-call, even on the weekends, to troubleshoot any issue that arises. No matter what day of the week it is, one call is all it takes. In fact, the customer service department is so dedicated to Amazing Service that 95% of the time your call will be answered on the second ring because they know your time is valuable.

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Just one call is all it takes. Grow your business in Virginia with area code 757, and join the 4voice family today!