VoIP SMS/Texting

Reach More Customers

As texting becomes more popular among consumers, we’ve developed VoIP SMS/texting services that help you cast a wider communication net by contacting your customers on their preferred platform. Cater to your more text-savvy clients by sending, receiving and monitoring text messages from any of your business numbers – all from your desktop or mobile device.

  • Download the app directly to your smartphone.
  • Not a smartphone user? Our app and web interface enable you to text with just about any device, including laptops, desktops and even classic flip phones.
  • View and track client contact information and message histories in our user-friendly UI.
  • Send photos, videos and group texts with our built-in MMS (multimedia messaging) capabilities.
  • Receive new message alerts on your device.
  • Protect customer information with a secure login and password.
  • Enable multiple users to access the same account for quick, collaborative customer service.
  • Desktop app is compatible with iOS and Windows.

VoIP SMS-Texting

VoIP SMS-Texting-mobile


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