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VoIP for Healthcare

Healthcare VoIP phone service

Our Proudest Moments

4Voice has a 95% customer retention rate and we believe that is because of the consistent demonstration of our core values which include valuing relationships, putting our values into action, building trust through those actions, and looking ahead at possibilities with a can-do spirit. Implementing a pricing program for partners and clients that bring maximum benefit and value. 4Voice contracts come with a 90-day, no-questions-asked cancellation option. We also have integrated partnerships with white-glove service that is part of our relationship strategy. We established a partner program with some of the highest commission percentages in the Hosted VoIP industry that will increase and expand your revenue. We have flexible options that will fit well into many business strategies. We partnered with Telecom Consulting Group as a platinum sponsor and that has proven significant for both companies.

Customer Success Stories

Our customers tell us integrating our VoIP phone system has saved money and improved the quality of all their communication. That has improved their relationships with their customers and aided in customer retention. A benefit of using 4Voice is our ability to customize services to meet our clients’ exact needs. Our clients stick with us for years because of our excellent customer service and technical knowledge. Here are just a few of our happy customers sharing their stories of success after choosing 4Voice for their communications.

Reduce Overhead. Ensure Quality Calls. Increase Efficiency.

System Features

4Voice offers hundreds of features in your phone integration. Some of the most valuable include custom routing so calls go to your cell phone when you're on the go, our handling methods so your system is never disrupted due to an outage or other technical issues, and VoIP SMS/texting services so you can communicate with your clients from any location or device using your business number.


Our VoIP phone system is scalable. That means you will never need to find a larger company once you start adding employees. We can add an employee with a new extension and add remote or home-based workers seamlessly without callers ever being aware their call is being sent to a remote worker outside the office.

Our CloudQ

Working within the cloud has some advantages our CloudQ has some distinct features. It allows you to manage call queues and agents. You can also track agents' availability throughout the day including lunch and breaks.

Patient communication

Changing Healthcare Priorities

Clinical communication


Business VoIP services
Transparency is key to building trust in relationships at we at 4Voice have a team that works with sales and answers to our partners to ensure transparency is maintained and that our partners continue to guide and direct the process.


Business VoIP services
4Voice has 24/7 proactive support that quickly addresses carrier problems and resolves network integrity issues swiftly so your business isn’t encumbered. We have disaster recovery solutions where a seamless backup plan occurs should there be a site failure or a major disruption. Calls are automatically directed to the backup system so your business doesn’t miss a beat.


Business VoIP services
Security takes priority at 4Voice. We have secure data facilities that house our servers. These facilities are monitored 24/7 with access limited to only 4Voice engineers. Interactions with callers are secure location-to-location and customer data is never shared with third parties. Confidential information is shared securely with private wires.


4Voice offers a wide range of business solutions for even the most complex office that includes setting up for remote workers, traveling employees, and telemedicine options where doctors and dentists can help more patients in more locations.