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Area Code 205 phone numbers - Birmingham

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The city of Birmingham has a population estimated at 229,424, as the largest city in the State of Alabama.

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Birmingham, Alabama, located in the middle of Alabama, is a big city that still acts like a small town. It has the 205 area code which covers Birmingham and surrounding areas throughout Jefferson County as well as the cities of Tuscaloosa and Hoover. There is a 659 overlay that also covers the area. 

Area Code 205 phone numbers - Birmingham

The Heart of Dixie

Birmingham has always been considered the heart of Dixie as it was once the biggest industrial city in the South, outpacing Atlanta until the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was built. 

This southern city is highly welcoming and is unusual in that it has trees and landscaping throughout the city reminiscent of small-town life. It also has several bedroom communites surrounding the downtown area that has a Birmingham address. 

Also called the Steel City, one of the oldest primary employers is the American Cast Iron and Pipe Company (ACIPCO). ACIPCO has employed generations of families since it was established in the early 1900s. Other top employers are Alabama Power, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Regions Financial Corporation, and Encompass Health.

Birmingham also has a highly-rated medical community with the UAB Hospital, which is also a research hospital, Ascension at St. Vincent’s Birmingham, St. Vincent’s Hospital, UAB West Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, the Birmingham VA Medical Center, the UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, and Spain Rehabilitation Center. 

Several of these facilities are leading hospitals and research institutions and that makes Birmingham a major healthcare hub. 

The Culture

Birmingham has another nickname, the Magic City. That is because of its natural beauty, recreational areas, music, culture, and overall wealth. The city has several world-class museums like the Museum of Art and the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Most natives have been to the Vulcan Park and Museum on field trips and The Club has been a popular venue for parties and dancing since the 1950s. Both places are known for stunning views overlooking the city. 

Those who love the outdoors typically visit Red Mountain Park and Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve regularly. The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge is a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

4voice Loves Birmingham

Fishing and hunting remain popular since lakes, rivers, and woods abound in surrounding areas. Smith Lake is the most popular weekend destination for retirees or those living in Birmingham. 

Birmingham businesses and residents like to do business with local merchants. That means those wanting to expand or have a startup with benefit from using 4Voice VoIP services to establish a local phone number. Having reliable communication services with powerful standard PBX features like voicemail, call forwarding, and multiple extensions can help grow your business. 

The 4Voice platform has more than standard features because it also offers data analysis and flexible system upgrades that help businesses adjust their communication capabilities as their needs change. 

Entrepreneurs in Birmingham have support from groups like the Birmingham Business Alliance and the Alabama Small Business Development Center. Both offer many resources like training, business development, education, training, and even financial elements like access to funding and incentives. 

Birmingham offers a quality of life for young professionals, families, and retirees. Those who grow up there tend to stay so you will always know your neighbor. Creating a local presence with a 4Voice VoIP communication platform that gives you a local number will help you fit into this historically rich area with ease.

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Experience the 4voice Difference

4voice phone benefits we can offer to your business

So, there is much to be seen from the 4voice digital phone benefits as they can offer to business in Birmingham area code 205. While there is a growth and development to business presence in the area, there are numerous technological benefits to the digital phone from any location across the country. Any company large or small has the ability to build a local business presence, no matter their physical location. With the 4voice VoIP system there is access to simple and affordable price plans from day one.

With the flexibility of the 4voice VoIP system there is the potential for easy upgrades as needed in times of adjustment and expansion. Issues like adding or removing users, features, extensions and more are never a problem when working with 4voice. There is never a need for special equipment, offering the simplicity of network location with the mobile numbers and potential office move at another time.

These features provide the ability to work from anywhere, whether at home, the office or on the road. 4voice provides a consistently reliable network for communication with customers, colleagues, vendors and more. While there is the ability to choose the specific services to meet business needs, there is also the ability to scale the size of a company’s 4voice system to match their identity. No matter the number of extensions needed on-site, forwarded to employees and more, there is always the ability to match the 4voice system to current needs. And it can always be updated, upgraded and modified as needed.

A prime feature in the 4voice system is the Auto Attendant, with the ability to help both small and large businesses in many ways. Serving as an automated receptionist it allows callers to select their specific recipient immediately. This helps large companies with ease of function for the receptionist role, while also adding a more professional appearance to smaller companies and start-ups.

Another key benefit to the 4voice system is the 4voiceONE App, which allows employees to access their business phone from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Use of this app helps access to conference calls, voicemail to email, call recording and many more PBX features offered within the 4voice system. Easily assisting business, 4voice is able to port most existing phone numbers over to any company system helping to make switches, additions and other changes immediate and seamless.


Then there is the 4voice platform which is easy to use and allows management of users, features and billing from anywhere. The entire company 4voice account is handled by the appropriate department no matter their location, with only the requirement of an internet browser or mobile device. With the use of the 4voice platform the company is able to monitor real-time activity, spot patterns, compare call data and create custom business reports to help analyze company-wide business trends. Also, in the case of questions or requests the 4voice support team is always available both with live technical support and customer service as well as incredible how-to tutorial videos.

4voice’s own security also works for the safety of all customer data, making sure that only authorized traffic ever enters the 4voice cloud. Basically, only authorized business users have access to the 4voice platform, and also within the 4voice offices only specific authorized employees have access to customer information. Security is a 4voice priority and will always be so.

There are multiple 4voice data centers, with more up and coming, and even the highest security maintained at every location. While only approved employees have access to the centers and the network, there is no reason for any VoIP customer to question the safety of the information of their company or customers, ever. Additionally, there is on-site, 24/7 security maintained at the 4voice centers in order to provide complete protection of all customer information at all times.

Amazing Service® is the foundation or base of the 4voice system. Amazing Service® is promised and provided to every customer at all times. Therefore, 4voice support is always available to answer questions and requests, ensuring customer calls are always answered by the 2nd ring. The 4voice team is here for all customer service and support needs. Quality!