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4Voice’s telecom experts analyze all facets of your voice communication needs to deliver a customized solution that fits the budget, bandwidth and priorities of your business. White glove service and one-on-one training ensure zero down-time and painless deployment, so your business can focus on the work that really matters. Whether calling from the home office, branches or working remotely, your voice transmissions are managed from a secure location, delivering cloud service that is fast, clear and reliable.


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Why 4Voice?

4Voice’s cloud phone services for business can reduce your phone bill by as much as 50%. With 4Voice, you use a single infrastructure for both voice and data (Internet), and get local, domestic, long distance, toll-free, and eFax services—all for one low price.
4Voice’s services run on systems and networks designed with reliability as the primary focus. You also get 24/7 customer support and proactive monitoring to ensure minimum downtime.
4Voice’s ability to adapt to the needs of your business enhances your productivity. Our experts can easily create custom features just for you, so that your phones work the way you want them to.
A 4Voice phone system is simple to set up and use. New installations can be up and running very quickly. You can keep your existing phone numbers and even test the new system before it goes live.

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to fit every

to fit every

Every business is unique, one size does not fit all. We create solutions to fit every business—regardless of size and complexity—and tailor our approach to your specific needs. That's why our solutions are flexible and scalable.

2Connect: Cloud-Hosted Business Phone Solutions

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those with multiple locations. 4Voice’s 2Connect Cloud-Hosted Business Phone Solutions eliminates the expense of having a phone system in each office and adds the features and flexibility of a modern VoIP system. Free your IT staff and supervisors from handling on-site PBX devices without losing the functionality and reliability businesses expect. Quick look

2CallCenter: Call Center Services

4Voice’s 2CallCenter gives you complete control of your call center operation by providing you with customizable call routing and detailed reporting. Get more from your phone system: gain insights into your call center, individual call performance, time trends and more. With our customized dashboard and standard key performance indicators (“KPIs”) such as volume of abandoned calls, service level tracking and lost time, you’ll have the benefit of detailed performance insights.

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2Link: SIP Trunking Services

Want to keep your in-house VoIP-aware PBX system but need to lower costs? 4Voice’s 2Link Service allows you to save money by using a lower-cost VoIP connection from your existing VoIP-aware PBX to our system. You also gain flexibility and disaster recovery options. Quick look

Toll-Free / Virtual Office Lines

Keep your virtual office connected with 4Voice toll-free and vanity numbers. Choose from custom plans to manage and predict costs, and deploy your new number in no time. Quick look

Flexible VoIP for Modern Enterprises.

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