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Every business is unique, one size does not fit all. We create solutions to fit every business—regardless of size and complexity—and tailor our approach to your specific needs. That’s why our solutions are flexible and scalable.
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Why 4voice

Cloud Phone System
Why 4voice - Affordability​


4Voice’s cloud phone services for business can reduce your phone bill by as much as 50%. With 4Voice, you use a single infrastructure for both voice and data (Internet), and get local, domestic, long distance.
Why 4voice - Reliability​


4Voice’s services run on systems and networks designed with reliability as the primary focus. You also get 24/7 customer support and proactive monitoring to ensure minimum downtime.
Why 4voice - Flexibility​


4Voice’s ability to adapt to the needs of your business enhances your productivity. Our experts can easily create custom features just for you, so that your phones work the way you want them to.
Why 4voice - Usability​


A 4Voice phone system is simple to set up and use. New installations can be up and running very quickly. You can keep your existing phone numbers and even test the new system before it goes live.
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How It All Works

4Voice’s telecom experts analyze all facets of your voice communication needs to deliver a customized solution that fits the budget, bandwidth and priorities of your business. White glove service and one-on-one training ensure zero down-time and painless deployment, so your business can focus on the work that really matters. Whether calling from the home office, branches or working remotely, your voice transmissions are managed from a secure location, delivering cloud service that is fast, clear and reliable.


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VoIP for Enterprise Businesses

Flexible VoIP for Modern Enterprises



Voice over IP refers to a method of transmitting phone calls using the Internet or other data network, instead of using traditional phone lines. The main benefits of this technology are reduced costs and features that integrate voice and operational data.

Instead of having a phone system inside each office, a hosted solution is located centrally, typically in a hardened data-center, and connects to phones at each location using the Internet. The main advantages of such a solution are reduced costs since there is no need for a phone system at each premises, and increased reliability, since the central location has backup power, network access and other facilities to ensure maximum availability.

To use 4Voice business service you will need broadband internet access such as Business Cable, DSL, T1 Lines, Metro-Ethernet, FIOS etc. You will also need one or more Voice Over IP phones, or soft-phone applications that can run on your PC.

Yes, 4Voice Business Phone Service will let you dial 911 from your office and provide the correct address information to the 911 agency. Note that the following important restrictions apply to this service:

The address shown will be the latest address that we have on file for your business. If you relocate the office or a phone in the office without notifying 4Voice, then the address will not be updated.

911 will not work if your internet access is down or you have no power.

Yes, 4Voice Business Service offers competitive international rates, available on request.

If your internet access fails, calls will be automatically rerouted to an alternate location or to backup phone numbers that you define beforehand. Your calls will always be answered and then directed to an appropriate destination, or to voicemail.

4Voice Business service offers two options for fax:

Inbound and outbound e-fax services let you send and receive all your faxes via email. Alternately, a Fax Adapter lets you use your existing fax machine with 4Voice Business Services.

Prior to activating your service, our experts will evaluate your internet access to ensure adequate bandwidth for your business needs. Our solutions use ‘traffic shaping’ routers that prioritize voice calls over data, so that there is no disruption of phone calls due to internet traffic.