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3 Ways Great VoIP Phone Solution Support Keeps Offices Running Smoothly

While the benefits of B2C customer service are well documented, it turns out businesses value the service they receive even more than individual consumers. VoIP providers with client-first service empower growth while saving businesses money. Additionally, quickly addressing issues and outages can minimize damages to staff morale, business reputation and overall revenue. So what are the parts that make up this winning recipe?

1. Robust Recovery Plans Address Issues as Soon as They Arise

Some business owners hesitate to adopt VoIP solutions because they worry about the technology’s reliability during outages. However, quality VoIP providers help businesses develop customized backup plans designed to provide supplemental phone service during system failures. Common solutions include automatically re-routing calls to a cell phone number or unaffected location and internet failover to remedy connectivity issues. These techniques also help businesses maintain phone system continuity during catastrophes and natural disasters.

Despite landline technology’s reputation for remaining reliable during storms, its aging infrastructure causes more problems than it solves. Landline equipment requires more frequent repairs, while outdated parts and contracted repairs often prolong maintenance.

2. Quick Support Minimizes Phone Downtime

Cloud-based SIP VoIP is provider-hosted: most technical difficulties are the vendor’s responsibility, not the client’s. Since their equipment services several businesses, VoIP providers must keep reliable back-up systems in place. If a hosted VoIP PBX is experiencing issues, for example, the provider can re-route all functions through a backup PBX without disrupting client service.

When a technical issue is on the client’s end, a reliable VoIP support team will still help diagnose the problem and advise on solving it. Such problems are often internet-based, and simply require changing Quality of Service settings or increasing bandwidth.

When shopping for VoIP providers, investigate average customer support hold times to find a company that prioritizes customer service. Some providers proactively monitor accounts so they can address problems even before the client reports an issue. Additionally, rather than assigning blame to the responsible party, customer support should focus on fixing problems at hand and helping businesses avoid similar issues in the future.

3. Responsive, Honest Customer Service Reduces Operational Burden

When stuck with the wrong provider, constantly monitoring your bill for surprises or dishonest practices seems like a must. For example, some cable and VoIP providers have been caught phone bill cramming (illegally sneaking fake charges into clients’ monthly payments to earn more money). Other shady practices include raising rates without notice, barring clients from reducing service and charging exorbitant cancellation fees.

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By contrast, an honest, customer-first provider relieves operational burden by working with businesses to provide the service they need at a fair price. When shopping for providers, check contracts for favorable customer service policies, including:

  • Giving advance notice before raising service rates.
  • Notifying customers when their contract expiration date approaches to help them avoid cancellation fees.
  • Allowing businesses to add or remove lines without unnecessary “service fees.”
  • Explicitly stating prices of any services not included in the standard package.
  • 24-hour support.
  • Reasonable early termination policies and fees.

Aside from instilling peace of mind and reducing phone-management time, honest billing practices enable businesses to grow and change with less restriction. Businesses with quality VoIP service can add a new office location, create a VoIP toll-free number or downsize a branch simply by changing the number of lines they pay for. Some providers will also ease the transition to a new phone service by installing equipment and training employees on the new system.

Streamline Office Operations with Reliable Support

System downtime most seriously affects productivity, IT operations and customer service. When shopping for VoIP providers, read customer reviews to ensure their policies prioritize resolving technical issues and optimizing their service to your business’s needs. 

4Voice offers 24-hour, local support available in 20 seconds or less. To learn more about how 4Voice streamlines office functionality and empowers growth, download our infographic on the 10 benefits of 4Voice’s business phone solutions.


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