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The Secrets That Power Business VoIP Provider Service

Have you ever wondered why almost 40% of small businesses have ended their relationship with phone line providers to switch to a business VoIP provider?

You might be surprised to hear it’s not just about the cost savings.

From better customer experiences for your clients to a perfect fit for the modern workforce, dive in to discover the secrets behind the popularity and quality of VoIP provider service.

  1. Customers Can Feel the Difference – And So Does Your Bottom Line

One secret behind the powerhouse of business-grade VoIP services is an immediate upgrade to customer relationship management and the quality of customer service you can deliver.

Why? Each and every phone call your company makes hides a treasure trove of data.

POTS – that’s phone provider terminology for “Plain Old Telephone Service” – is frequently too expensive to integrate into CRM systems that most small offices use.

Without that integration, all of that customer interaction data is going to waste.

VoIP data like call duration, date of call, call outcome, date of previous call, call duration – it all connects to modern CRMs. Realistically, the list of big data that can be tied to your CRM is so customizable and extensive that imagination and necessity are the only limits to instant insights into your business.

These data integrations also mean critical client contact stays on track and leads can’t go cold.

In the end, both customers and the bottom line will feel the impact of a VoIP-powered office.


  1. The Best VoIP Providers Prioritize You as a Customer

Top-notch service for your customers isn’t the only secret behind VoIP, however. It also frees you from the worst landline headaches.

Press 1 to speak to the next available agent. Please have a seat; your wait will be a mere 10 minutes.”

Hang up on that nonsense the next time your contract runs out.

4Voice’s knows that pricing and features are only the starting point to great VoIP – nothing is more important than the quality of care each customer receives.

That means you’ll get flawless uptime, 24/7 management and technical support, proactive monitoring and painless, automated updates – even natural disasters can’t disable your systems, thanks to internet failover.

What about changes to the business? Or you need to add a new number for that promising new employee? No sweat, we do the work. Adding a new branch? Grab a few more phones and tell us how many seats you’d like – voilà, you’re done planning your phone setup at that branch.

  1. VoIP Delivers Flexibility for Dynamic Workplaces

Peerless service and integrations are just a part of the power of VoIP. Adapting your phone services to the modern work environment completes the picture.

Take, for instance, a recent study of working professionals. Approximately 70% of professionals work from home at least one day per week.

VoIP works with you to meet this modern-day reality.

Calls made to a VoIP-powered office can be routed to internet-connected devices like smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, the computer sitting in your study – anywhere you need or want to work.

Also, customers will love that they only need to dial one number to reach your business, since the inbound number can always be your official business number regardless of where you take the call – even if it’s forwarded to different departments.

VoIP has come a long way since its birth in the days of a newly minted internet. Would you like to know what other benefits VoIP can deliver for your office? Download our e-book for a lightning-fast breakdown of the top benefits of modern VoIP service.


Amruth Laxman

About the Author

Amruth Laxman

25+ years of telecom experience, specializing in high availability software and systems, I’ve seen the transformative impact they have on businesses. As the founding partner of 4Voice, I deliver customized, reliable phone solutions and can’t wait to share my insights with you in this blog.

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