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2CallCenter: Optimize Your Call Center Today

4Voice’s 2CallCenter is a comprehensive VoIP solution for inbound and outbound call centers. Calls are handled by centrally 'hosted' servers and directed to or from phones at each call center location. You can use the 2CallCenter answering service without purchasing a costly phone system; all you need are industry standard Voice-Over-IP (“VoIP”) phones.

2CallCenter Benefits - Performance Reporting, Routing, Agent Monitoring and More

2CallCenter answering service provides customization and call monitoring in order to effectively manage your calls. Main benefits include:

  • All features included at a predictable monthly price
  • Customize how calls are routed to each agent
  • Manage unusual call loads
  • View detailed statistics on agent efficiency
  • Monitor calls and agents in real time
  • Track call volumes to aid in volume forecasting
  • Build custom dashboards to track call center agents' key performance indicators
  • Share reports using multi-channel reporting
Additional features, include:
  • Call recording: useful in compliance and problem resolution
  • Hot-desking: have calls follow agents wherever you need to seat them
  • Call-barging: manage escalated situations by stepping into the call
  • Automated failure handling

In addition, the 2CallCenter answering service allows you to retain control over toll-free numbers, a critical business resource, while still having the flexibility of using external resources to handle calls.


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