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Flexible and Reliable on a Budget - 2Link SIP Trunking VoIP Services

4Voice’s 2Link is an affordable VoIP solution that saves you money and improves reliability by using your existing telephone system's Voice-over-IP (VoIP) interfaces.

Advantages over PRI / PSTN (Legacy Phone Systems)
  • Streamlined call structure reduces costs
  • Call quality can be scaled up depending on need
  • SIP can go to any PBX system - configurable to any phone device for 1 point of contact
  • Multiple work locations easily manageable and tailored line volumes
  • No wasted phone lines like the unused lines in PRI phone systems
  • Bursting can allow you to go over your initial line setup without painful cost or setup
  • Integrates with existing PBX and infrastructure that may still be under contract
Seamless Connectivity – Even During Peak Capacity

In contrast to traditional trunking, our SIP trunks are burstable so callers can get through even during peak capacity. You no longer need to over-engineer your trunks just to account for a small set of high volume days. In addition, 2Link VoIP service does not require a separate trunk resource for toll-free or outbound calls, saving you money over traditional telephony solutions.

The 2Link VoIP service provides SIP-based interconnection to your existing VoIP-capable telephone system. This service allows you to connect to the telephone network, or between locations, using a single data infrastructure (no need for PRIs or analog lines). You can save by streamlining your network and taking advantage of lower rates for long-distance and toll-free calls.

Affordable Solution for Businesses with Multiple Locations

For businesses with multiple locations, 2Link eliminates complex and costly inter-office calling infrastructure and allows for more flexible routing of incoming calls across locations.


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