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3 Ways a Business VoIP Provider Could Have Saved Jurassic Park’s Business

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Have you ever watched a movie and, yelling at the screen and clutching at your face, begged the characters to make the obvious choice? That “don’t go in that basement alone” feeling? 

That’s how we felt re-watching Jurassic Park and realizing that a whole lot of mayhem, destruction and death could have been avoided if they had just gotten a business VoIP provider.

  1. With VoIP Solutions, They Could Have Called for Help.

We all knew the Jurassic Park attendees were doomed from the moment the water in the glass started rippling as the escaped T-Rex headed towards their safari cars. And it wasn’t one of those don’t-go-in-the-basement moments where the characters were oblivious – they knew they were in trouble too. So why, for the entirety of the movie, didn’t anyone call for help?

Because the phone lines were dead. That’s right – the entire Jurassic Park plot is made possible by a failed landline. 

So, what? Every system experiences failures, right?

We’ll give you that. But VoIP solutions are now just as reliable as landlines – if not more so, given landlines’ aging infrastructure and deteriorating quality. And while even the best systems sometimes go down, outages are extremely seldom: 4Voice delivers 99.99 percent uptime.

Further, business VoIP providers plan for those few-and-far-between outages. Most providers offer custom disaster recovery plans for their clients – and a responsible vendor definitely would not have agreed to service a dinosaur zoo/theme park without first securing a phone system backup plan.

With VoIP SIP, Jurassic Park could have instated a secondary phone location and internet fail-over that would have gone into effect immediately following a system outage. That means the internet could have remained up and running after programmer Dennis Nedry’s stunt, avoiding the outage that endangered several lives.

  1. A Business VoIP Provider Would Have Noticed a Park-Wide Outage. 

Business VoIP providers constantly monitor client service, and the best vendors proactively monitor service for irregularities or outages. Some can even catch, troubleshoot and fix problems before clients notice them.

Even if Nedry had managed to circumvent the backups, a VoIP vendor would have immediately noticed that something was amiss when the outage occurred. And if one of our clients housed a giant, off-the-grid dinosaur zoo… we’d call the authorities at the first sign of trouble. 

A good business VoIP provider monitors client service for outages.

As for entrusting all computer, security and phone systems in the entire park to one computer technician, well… that’s just bad business.

  1. VoIP Would Have Improved Internal Communications.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that despite the backup plan, the dinosaurs escaped; a few scientists, a mathematician, a lawyer and two children are running for their lives around the park. If there were ever a time the park needed internal communication, this would be it. 

Jurassic Park came equipped with a thorough dinosaur tracking system. However, everyone in the park remains consistently out of contact with one another, rendering the tracking system useless; even if people in the control room could see where the dinosaurs were, they couldn’t let anyone else know about it. 

And that’s not to mention the other incidents internal communications might have smoothed over. We imagine Tim would have liked to know Dr. Sattler was going to turn the power back on before climbing a high-voltage fence. 

VoIP solutions could have improved internal park communications.

…And that Gennaro could have used a heads-up that the T-Rex was headed for the restrooms.

VoIP solutions could have saved Gennaro.

While cell phones are often an easy fix to every old-movie problem, John Hammond chose Isla Nublar to house Jurassic Park particularly for its remote location and perpetual cloudiness; cell reception would have been spotty at best.

With SIP VoIP, however, the characters could have maintained internal communication using any internet-connected device and a VoIP app. With the internet fail-over in place, this would have kept them in contact even when the power went out.

When Landlines Roamed the Earth 

For the purposes of a great movie, we’ll let these glaring oversights slide. However, businesses today can no longer rely on landlines to maintain stability through unforeseen obstacles; disaster recovery plans and an attentive VoIP provider are critical to maintaining internal and external communications. It may have taken an asteroid to wipe out the dinosaurs, but one poorly timed phone outage could be enough to wreak havoc on a business.

To learn more about how 4Voice’s business VoIP solutions keep businesses communicating, growing and thriving, download our infographic on the top 10 advantages of our service. 


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