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4 Unexpected Advantages of VoIP Business Phone Systems

When you’re setting up a new office or enterprise location or just upgrading from an old business phone system, checking out the hottest cutting-edge packages can feel like shopping for a new car. Amazing – but honestly, it’s kind of a chore.

When you’re setting up a new office or enterprise location or just upgrading from an old business phone system, checking out the hottest cutting-edge packages can feel like shopping for a new car. Amazing – but honestly, it’s kind of a chore.

4Voice prides itself on the best service available. That’s why we put together a quick look at what makes VoIP stand out. Skip sifting through the brochures and web pages that eat up your day and jump in the driver’s seat for a spin.

  1. Saving that Sweet, Sweet Cash

When you’re comparing the types of setups you’ll see on your cruise through the glossy new systems in the metaphorical new car lot, the sticker price is rarely what you’ll pay. Starting in the compact section and ending with the Cadillacs, here are some numbers from the latest in self-service phone systems.

The first is a “key” system, an older style rig but useful for offices of 4 employees or less. Hardware (only) will run you somewhere between $400 to $900. Keep in mind that we’re only discussing the hardware for your new setup.

KSU systems are similar to key systems (almost like a PBX) and can run up to 12 employees for $1300 to $1700. These also do not include the price of a telephone contract with your local provider.

PBX systems work well for more than 40 employees. With a wide range of multi-thousand-dollar systems, these handle large volumes of calls.

Business VoIP phone systems, however, don’t require any heavy, internal equipment. So, the cost for a hosted business phone system’s routing equipment is … zero. Generally speaking, hosted VoIP is flexible enough to fit lean, mean offices with a few staff, and can also accommodate hundreds of seats.

Of course, you will also need phones for each person. Physical PBX and key system phones are proprietary and will only work with a single vendor. VoIP phones are standards-based and inter-operable, which means you can use the VoIP provider of your choice.

  1. No Seriously, Keep Your Cash

VoIP business phone systems are also a breeze on the monthly budget. You don’t have to have “Frank from IT” waste his time updating the hardware because there is no hardware, only phones.

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VoIP is basically a hot rod that comes with its own mechanic – except the engine, so to speak, is guaranteed to run reliably regardless of bumps in the road. Hosted VoIP business phones are monitored 24/7 to ensure there are never gaps in your service, and fixes for issues are almost always handled before customers can be impacted.

Without dragging out too much more detail, some additional savings include:

  • Equipment and line bundle costs.
  • Labor expenses.
  • Huge savings on full-featured calling options.
  • No impact to business from telephone phone lines snapping.
  • No telecoms contracts with bundled lines.
  1. Business Intelligence Insights Under the Hood

Non-VoIP telephone service is often referred to as “POTS.” What’s that stand for? “Plain old telephone service.” There’s a reason it’s earned this nickname.

Unlike Ma Bell, VoIP business phone systems can be easily integrated for better reporting and call handling, with automation that will post call metrics information directly into the CRM and data warehouses you rely on. And, with simple integration into ACT, Outlook or even Salesforce, you can quickly sort and launch call campaigns that relevant to your business.

4Voice’s business intelligence dashboards and call analytics reporting can help you track inbound and outbound volumes, the success of calling campaigns and detailed call records. If employee call handling needs improvement, you can dip into information on the dashboard for insights into their metrics and your overall service levels – the insights and options for data dives are as numerous as the roads are long.

  1. Anywhere the Road Takes You, Your Office Is There

Hosted VoIP means your communications operations are always open and ready for business. Even better, custom routing means your public office number can be routed to personal mobile phones, laptops (just plug in a mic and headphone), desktops, remote offices – you name it.

The same applies to moving the entire office. The only equipment you’ll need to move are the desk phones you choose to own – if you choose any. Hosted VoIP moves the numbers along with your next internet provider, and you’re done.

Business VoIP Phones Get Your Pedal to the Metal

From savings to business insights to portability, hosted VoIP leaves Plain Old Telephone Service in the dust. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of VoIP for your office? Take the next step in your journey with our free guide, “The Ten Benefits of 4Voice’s Business VoIP Solutions.”


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