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4 Ways to Use A Business VoIP Provider to Keep Law Clients Happy

Juggling client calls, meetings, paperwork, and research can make for a hectic day at the office. Add to that the fact that many attorneys are working 60 and 70-hour work weeks and law offices may find themselves delivering a less-than-ideal client experience: calls get missed, points of contact get overlooked and clients feel neglected – or worse.

Instead of hiring more staff, here are 4 savvy ways to use a business VoIP provider to make your clients feel like they’re your one and only concern.

  1. VoIP Opens Up Communications Choices

Playing email and phone tag is annoying and inefficient for everyone involved. Modern business VoIP providers give you options that keep clients happy and connected. Try expanding your accessibility with easy-to-use live chat, voice calls, conference calling, video calls and more.

Omnichannel VoIP options also work right from your laptop, smartphone, mobile, iPad – nearly any device you can imagine.

  1. Stop Missing Calls

This proliferation of work-related devices speaks to a dramatic change in the workplace. In 2018, a study by a serviced-office provider found that 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day every week, with as many as 53% working remotely for half the week or more.

That creates a challenge for those offices still dependent on outdated communications tech – are they ready to keep that image of 24/7 availability which their top business-generating clients expect? Can yours? All while going mobile and remote?

Remote offices and work-from-home options can make use of business VoIP solutions since they are eminently connectible to all platforms. If you have an internet connection, you can get connected! That includes having any and all calls go to your laptop, mobile, PC or tablet – wherever you are (even on the dreaded commute).

Try a custom routing configuration to ensure calls are always answered. This works magic when you need to answer from a new location – you’ll never have to annoy clients with a new contact number.

Also, should the worst happen, and literally nobody is available to answer the phone, you can ensure clients can reach you through voicemail-to-email transcription, and day, night or holiday messages with custom recorded message options.

Whether you and your team are at home or in the office, with those options, you’ll know customers will always be heard by your practice.

  1. Deliver Uninterrupted Service

Whether you’re adding temporary staff or adding a dozen top guns to your expansion in Tuscaloosa, VoIP’s got the flexibility to add (or remove staff) whenever you need. We set the standard in this case, as adding a new line is just a click away. Think new offices are a challenge? An entirely new setup can be ready in as little as 48 hours.

4Voice’s business VoIP service also ensures businesses get the flawless communications they expect for both brand-new and long-time clients. It’s the same kind of service your clients expect of your practice, so why should you be treated any differently?

Our VoIP service is backed by round-the-clock, 24/7/365 monitoring and can even withstand drops by major internet providers thanks to internet failover, which automatically swaps providers in an emergency. That’s how we ensure your lines are open no matter how much wind, water and lightning mother nature throws at the internet.

Moving? While researching this article, we stumbled across this gem you’d enjoy. It’s a list of the top 10 cities for new law offices based on income, demand and the cost of living. Enjoy – and let us know when you’re there; we’d be delighted to get your new office set up!

  1. Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate

The fourth way to keep your clients happy is to meet their needs before they even knew they had them.

CRM integrations that connect with your business VoIP solution empower you to:

  • Keep close records of client contact to gauge volume and urgency
  • Auto-post call data into CRM-integrated platforms
  • Auto-post call records into data warehouses
  • Use click-to-call interfaces from ACT, Outlook, and other applications

Put it all together and you’ll never be caught short-staffed or make clients feel left out in the cold.

Use a Business VoIP Provider to Make it Happen

Unifying these strategies will keep your practice anticipating needs, delighting clients and well on its way to an even more successful fiscal year. 4Voice’s white-glove service and top-tier technology can help you make that happen. Learn more about the advantages of VoIP in our guide: “10 Benefits of 4Voice’s Business VoIP Solutions.”


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