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7 Ways Internet & Virtual PBX Solutions Empower Offices and Employees

Communication is critical to a successful business (at least leading business pioneers like Bill Gates think so). That’s why businesses turn first to solutions that facilitate communication. Do employees have the resources they need to communicate successfully? Is customer service satisfaction consistently high? Here’s how addressing communication needs with the right phone and internet solutions can improve bottom-line functionality and empower your whole team. 

  1. Improve Mobile Communication.

Office setup and internal processes should inform phone and internet provider choices. Companies with several remote or flex-scheduled employees, for example, should consider a solution that facilitates mobility and remote work. Many VoIP PBX solutions provide apps that enable texting, laptop-calling and other mobile features that increase availability for teams on the go.

Similarly, businesses with several locations need smooth communication between departments. A cloud PBX streamlines internal and external communication by enabling seamless transfers and communication between departments, regardless of location.

Note: Remote work is growing in popularity for offering a better work/life balance and wider job applicant pools. For businesses that don’t currently offer flex-scheduling, adopting VoIP is a great way to test the remote-work waters and keep employee benefits competitive.

  1. Improve Employee Performance.

Managers can improve workforce ROI to identify training or staffing needs by reviewing individual employee KPIs like availability, missed calls and customer satisfaction ratings. A business phone system powered by VoIP can provide insights by enabling managers to join calls when the situation calls for it – that’s called “manager barge-in.” VoIP can also allow managers to “whisper” to employees for quality assurance.

Note: Call “whispering” is when a manager joins a call but only the employee can hear the manager’s voice, allowing for advice, tips, and information sharing, all with minimal to zero interruption factor for the caller! It’s a great way to enhance customer experience.

  1. Empower Employees with User-Friendly Technology.

Poor technology and tools drive low employee productivity. User-friendly software that adapts to employees’ needs will help productivity soar. A hosted PBX system, for example, enables custom call handling settings that are easy to implement and change, helping employees avoid missing calls. Many solutions also offer CRM-integration to empower employees with readily-available customer and call history information.

  1. Reduce Downtime with Quality Service and Support.

Troubleshooting internet and phone issues without quality support can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Providers should offer 24/7 expert support to prevent system downtime – depending on industry, many enterprises report downtime costing over $100,000 an hour in losses. 

Virtual PBX providers often provide more thorough support than traditional phone companies, as they generally own most system troubleshooting, upgrades and repairs. Hosted VoIP and internet providers also keep extensive backups in place to ensure continuous performance and client satisfaction.

Businesses that depend heavily on flawless uptime should look for providers that offer disaster recovery or failover plans to keep systems up and running during bad weather and other unforeseen events.

  1. Establish a Professional and Modern Business Presence.

VoIP solutions provide a more modern solution than outdated landlines do.

Have you ever gone to a company’s website and immediately pressed the back button because it looked outdated and hard to navigate? 38 percent of web surfers have. People don’t want to deal with clunky technology, and if your business is functioning on an outdated phone system, customers will notice. Make it easy for customers to do business with you (and send them the right message) with a modern office phone system built on the reliability of networked communications.

  1. Keep Performance High with Detailed Reporting.

When it comes to enhancing employees and the business as a whole, few tools are as useful as in-depth reporting. Phone solutions that provide detailed, customizable analytics enable managers to assess and tweak processes, keeping employees on track for continued success.

VoIP solutions are more advanced and can generally provide more in-depth data than landline systems can, including employee-specific figures and company-wide performance data. VoIP-based businesses should also subscribe to an internet provider that offers bandwidth reporting to maintain voice quality and easily troubleshoot any issues.

  1. Save, Save, Save.

Legacy phones are based on outdated analog technology that can’t provide the same advanced features of VoIP. Inefficiencies, aging hardware and rigid subscription structures make them much more expensive than VoIP phones. Businesses looking to save money should first look to their phone systems – if they’re using landlines, they’re practically guaranteed to save time and money by switching to a modern, efficient system. 

Choosing the Right System

In today’s environment of quick change, advancing technology and a workforce dominated by a tech-savvy generation, VoIP phone systems are the top choice for most businesses. Not sure how to choose a provider? Start with these seven questions.

At 4Voice, we’ve seen businesses cut their phone bills in half by switching to our services – all while improving overall productivity and functionality. Check out some of the top benefits of 4Voice’s business VoIP service in our infographic.


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