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Factors To Consider When Choosing A VoIP Provider

VoIP Provider

Picking the right communications technology is one of the most important things you can do whether you work from home or have a large corporation. Communication is how you keep in touch with your clients, potential clients, and employees. You don’t want to pick the wrong provider.

VoIP services are one of the latest aspects of technology and can open many doors for small and large businesses. It’s more than a phone service but can also monitor calls, have itemized call logs, and even have local phone numbers for cities set for your expansion. Like any other service, there are many choices when it comes to providers. It’s important to keep important factors in mind before you switch.


An important fact is how easy it will be to transfer your current service, whether you have old-fashioned landlines or another VoIP service. You will want to keep your old number and not have any downtime.

Mitigation with 4Voice is easy because no wiring is needed. An evaluation will look at all parts of your phone service from your phone bill, the wiring at each location, the number of phones you have, employees that work remotely, and how cell phones are used. This helps avoid problems.

Setup, design, and installation are done by experts at 4Voice. We develop a customized solution that fits your needs and budget. That makes mitigation simple.


A VoIP service shouldn’t have extensive downtimes and should still hold up even in emergencies like storms. The 4Voice system is designed with a disaster recovery solution to reroute calls around troubled or downed areas to an alternate location or backup numbers so you are less likely to experience little to no downtime in these situations. It is all a part of a recovery solution that implements your pre-pared backup plan if there is a site failure.

The built-in automatic internet fail-over keeps phones working even with poor internet connectivity. All of this is designed to work in the toughest of circumstances, even in a power outage.

Integration Compatibility

Any VoIP service you pick should be compatible with the equipment you already have. You don’t want the extra expense of buying new equipment specifically for a VoIP service because it will be useless if you change services.

4Voice can integrate with your current system, even land-based systems so there isn’t an additional cost for new equipment. It can also connect your CRM accounts to your business phone system. That allows for access to real-time calling data and closed-loop analytics.


Businesses, particularly small ones, should look for a VoIP service that can grow with them. It should be able to add new lines or new features as the business needs them.

4Voice has both mobility and scalability. Custom routing configurations ensure calls are answered and the service goes where your phone goes. We also have VoIP texting services so you can stay in touch with clients using your business number no matter where you are.

Growing is easy too because new features, employees, and configurations can be done with a simple request. It may not even affect your bill because 4Voice charges by usage rather than phone extensions, users, or locations.


Features are one of the most important things in a good VoIP service. You want to get the most out of the service and be able to track communication, especially if you have a sales force and some remote workers.

Two types of features exist with 4Voice. There are dashboard and reporting features and voicemail features. Dashboard and reporting features include detailed call records, optional call recording, and reports for inbound and outbound call volumes.

Voicemail features include dedicated mailboxes, notifications sent to multiple phones, voicemail transcription, optional voicemail reporting for unanswered messages, and unique messages for missed calls, among other things.

Customer Service

There are times when you will need a question answered or something done with your VoIP service. That’s when customer service becomes crucial.

4Voice has 24/7 in-house support where engineers monitor customers’ phone services. Our engineers offer an immediate response if an interruption happens. Our customer services cover all in your office whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Our support also makes it easy to make changes with a phone call. You can add users, integrate more offices, and even change the configuration of your system anytime.


While pricing may not be the most important factor, it plays a role in the service you pick because you want to stay within budget. You don’t want surprises. 4Voice can save you up to 50 percent off your current phone bill because you are using one infrastructure for phones and data. It can help keep up with your business so you can generate more revenue too.

Considering these factors when looking at your business will give you a clear picture of how 4Voice can help transition your business into one that offers better communication, improved client relationships, and more efficiency. Contact 4Voice today to see what it can do for your business.

Amruth Laxman

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