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Home, Office, Smartphone – How to Unify Your Teams with VoIP Solutions

How many calls have you missed because you were away from your desk? Well, it is possible to get that number close to zero. Rather than limiting work operations by rooting them to a physical space as landline technology does, VoIP solutions enable businesses to take their work with them. Let’s take a look at how VoIP mobility powers today’s flexible workforce.

Communication Methods:

Desk Phone: A tried and true method, VoIP desk phones are similar to traditional landline phones. The difference? VoIP desk phones simply do more. Employees can change routing configurations, record calls and set up voicemail-to-email notifications and transcriptions.

Also, VoIP desk phones don’t need to connect to phone landlines; instead, they only need connect to a power source and the internet to function. Growing companies can easily add new employees to VoIP phone systems on the fly and employees can move from desk to desk simply by bringing their phones with them. Users who often work from home can also have multiple desk phones assigned to them, so incoming calls ring both their home office and work desk. In addition, the user-friendly interfaces, clearer voice quality, superior speakerphones and ability to handle up to 20 concurrent calls equip companies with the modern communication tools they need to expand.

Smartphone: While VoIP desk phones are powerful, they don’t accommodate the growing part- and full-time employee population working remotely (now accounting for nearly 50 percent of the workforce). That’s just one reason SIP VoIP providers found a way for employees to use smartphones for work. Additionally, VoIP apps allow users to manage their call settings, including routing configurations, voicemail and availability. Some VoIP apps even including texting capabilities.

Laptop: Similar to smartphone apps, users can also install VoIP apps on their laptops. Laptop-based VoIP apps have many of the same capabilities as smartphones: users can make, receive and manage calls straight from their laptop.

VoIP solutions are accessible on mobile devices.

In addition, VoIP laptop apps are a great addition for companies using CRMs. VoIP can integrate with CRMs to sync call history with customer data, display customer information during calls and allow agents to take call notes within a customer’s profile. When using a CRM on a VoIP-enabled laptop, agents can also use click-to-call to reach out to customers directly from the database and view customer information as a form of caller ID on incoming calls.

Pro Tip: Worried about your laptop’s mic quality? Investing in a good headset and using a wired internet connection will make you sound like you’re in the same room as your callers.

Team Unification: VoIP PBXs’ seamless transfer and routing capabilities help pull all VoIP users together, regardless of location. This keeps in-office and remote workers equally engaged, both internally and with customers. What’s more, managers using VoIP can enhance quality assurance capabilities, including availability monitoring, call barge-in and detailed employee call analytics. Remote monitoring is what helps multi-location enterprises and VoIP call centers keep quality standards intact, regardless of each employee’s active work location.

Bringing Phones to Employees

Nearly 70 percent of U.S. job seekers named work schedule flexibility as the “soft benefit” most important to them. VoIP’s mobility helps modern businesses keep up with the rising demand for flexible work schedules by making employees available by phone when they’re at home, in the office and on-the-go.

Mobility isn’t the only feature that sets business VoIP solutions apart. Check out other ways VoIP mobilizes, modernizes and streamlines businesses in our infographic on the top 10 advantages to 4Voice’s VoIP solution.


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