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Revive Insurance Office Performance with Office-Wide VoIP Solutions

Keeping your office on a slim budget while keeping agents armed with the channels and flexibility they need keeps insurance offices on their toes. Whether it’s freeing up extra cash and manpower or ensuring client contact and leads never go ignored, a VoIP solution can make it happen.

  1. Use VoIP Solutions to End the Billing Circus and Unify the Business

Insurance companies with branches across the country deal with several time goblins. Countless 4Voice customers have complained that, prior to their switch, managing multiple offices meant dealing with each one’s specific bills. In the case of their phone service, that can mean a separate bill with unique billing itemization, separate payment locations and different payment timing.

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That all stops with a VoIP solution.


VoIP takes every office, regardless of physical location, and ties them together in a cloud-based directory. That means dialing Sally down the hall is just as convenient as talking to the CEO that’s traveling 300 miles away – hit their extension and you’re connected. Not only does it tie together every office phone, directories can include mobile phones, laptops – anywhere your agents and staff need to be. And, with a single bill for all locations, that’s hours of work eliminated every month.

Easy Nationwide Channels

Customers won’t know the difference, either. By calling your business line, they can reach anyone they need. Also, you can still keep regional numbers for that local feel or choose a toll-free number for convenience and a bigger presence.

4Voice Service Edge

4Voice also created a competitive edge compared to big name VoIP providers. With 24/7 support and a network of reliable nationwide service technicians, 4Voice customers can know that regardless of the issue, we will respond proactively and immediately to any service issue. That means IT staff are freed up for pressing issues and you can stop wasting money supplying IT staff and resources if tech issues arise.

Add it all up and that means VoIP will inherently save you money, reduce lost administrative time, connect your whole office and give customers convenient access to your agents.

  1. VoIP Makes Communication Painless and Cost Effective

Putting money where it matters helps crank up productivity, as well. That’s why so many have stopped spending it on long-distance billing. VoIP technology means you pay a fraction of the price for long-distance calls.

But what about your outbound needs? Agents need to connect to meet their monthly goals.

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Well, with VoIP, they can easily call from the office, home or mobile. That means consistent daily performance, even when they are forced to stay home to watch a sick kid, attend networking and conference events – you name it.

While they’re closing in on their customers and building rapport, VoIP easily integrates with popular CRM tools. Also, management and directors can easily get a view into each agent’s performance.

  1. No More Missed Opportunities

With better insights into your team’s productivity, better communication and the staff and resources to spare, the extra business you generate might have you worried about missing those incoming customer contacts.

Well, while the lines are buzzing with activity, VoIP has you covered.

With VoIP, you purchase the number of lines you expect to use. But, should that not be enough, you won’t have to purchase another bundle of 16 or 32 lines, as you would with telco services. VoIP service will automatically route the extra calls to your office for a slightly higher rate and will not permanently add the line to your service. If, however, these extra calls happen often enough, you can easily request a single additional line and have it activated same-day.

The second way VoIP keeps you connecting is through voicemail to email transcription. This way, agents can discretely check in on prospects or customer concerns on their mobile or laptop as they handle important calls.

Lastly, your office has a chance to speed up approval and applications processes. EFax services through VoIP are secure, quick and don’t require all the mind-numbing (and grimy) maintenance that comes with a standard fax.

Business VoIP Providers Are Ready to End Your Landline Misery

From overflow-proofing to a manageable, smaller bill, VoIP providers like 4Voice are dedicated to reducing your stress and increasing your productivity.

Need to know what other benefits VoIP delivers? Download our free, 5-minute guide: “The Ten Benefits of 4Voice’s Business VoIP Solutions.”


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