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What is Wi-Fi calling?

What is Wi-Fi calling

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Wi-Fi calling enables you to conduct voice calls, send texts, and access data using a Wi-Fi connection rather than your cellular network. You can make and receive Wi-Fi calls in areas where your device doesn’t have a signal, like your home or office.

Some devices support VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) capabilities that allow you to use a wireless Internet connection for voice communication, but this is not always available for every device.

With Wi-Fi calling, only the Wi-Fi signal from the network you are connected to will be used for making and receiving calls. Your cellular signal will not be used unless there is no available Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi gives you calling options.

You can do all the normal things you use your phone for with a Wi-Fi network including voice calls, send texts, and access data. This feature is available on devices that support the feature.

No cell signal is needed

You can make and receive Wi-Fi calls in areas where your device doesn’t have a cell signal, like your home or office.

This is a great feature because it will enable your phone to work even if there is a cell tower down, which can happen from time to time. You can also use Wi-Fi to do anything else on your phone like look up the weather, watch videos, or call your phone company’s customer service number to find out what’s going on with cell service.

Having Wi-Fi access for your phone is handy because you can use it even if there isn’t a cell signal. You never have to be without phone service!

Save Data

A reason why Wi-Fi use for phones is a feature to seek out is that it saves your phone data. Every data plan is different but most don’t offer truly unlimited data, especially the low-budget plans.

Phone companies won’t ever turn off your data if you go over, but they will slow your phone down or charge you more for overages. Being able to use Wi-Fi instead keeps you from data overages while still giving you all the options your phone has to offer.

How Do I Know My Phone Has Wi-Fi?

If you have an eligible device and subscribe to one of these services:

  • Ting mobile service
  • Republic Wireless mobile service (including Google Fi)
  • Sprint Forward Unlimited Plan, Sprint Forward Unlimited Plus Plan, or Sprint Forward Basic Plan

There are plenty of other phone services that also offer this option. You can always check with your service to see if it’s offered and if it is built into your phone with a default measure.

If your device does support it, the feature should be turned on by default when you buy or update your operating system (OS).


Those who are finding their WiFi doesn’t appear to be working can easily determine the problem. First, check your phone settings to see if your Wi-Fi is on. Sometimes, it can be turned off accidentally. This feature should be under “network settings,” but devices can be different.

If that doesn’t work or you have trouble finding it, follow these steps:

Open Settings on your phone or tablet.

Select “Mobile Networks” from this menu. It should have a feature that allows you to use either cellular data or Wi-Fi.

When making or receiving a call, look at the caller ID screen on your device to verify that you are connected to the correct network. It’s also possible that the person on the other end is connecting through their carrier’s service and not through their Wi-Fi connection.

As a last resort, you may need to call the technical support of your phone carrier and have you walk through the process to find out how to make sure your Wi-Fi is on for your phone.

Using VoWIFI

Some devices support VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) capabilities that allow you to use a wireless Internet connection for voice communication, but this is not always available for every device. In addition, not all carriers support this feature and networks may not be able to handle high volumes of calls at once if there aren’t enough cell towers available in your area at that time.

VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) capabilities are built into some devices for use of wireless Internet connection for voice communication. If your device supports VoWiFi, it will be indicated by an icon in the status bar or on the quick settings panel.

Having VoWiFi can be incredibly helpful for the same reasons as it is a good option for cell phones. Being able to use Wi-Fi for your office or home phones when your cell service is unavailable ensures your business and home life continue. That can offer both safety and peace of mind.

Do I Have to Pay for Wi-Fi?

Those who want a clear Wi-Fi signal for their home or office would do well to pay for it. Wi-Fi can be purchased through a local internet or cable company or even through some mobile phone services.

However, you don’t have to buy Wi-Fi to be able to use it for your phone. Available Wi-Fi is in many areas and all you have to do is find a signal to use it. You can sign in as a guest to services offered in coffee shops or buildings but there is public Wi-Fi too. Just be aware that security isn’t as good for public Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi calling can be a great feature if you know how to use it and how to make sure it’s on.  Remember, if you have any further questions or concerns, we’re always here to help!

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