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What VoIP phone system should I choose for my business?

VoIP phone system

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There’s a lot to compare when you start talking VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You can compare the two types of VoIP services, types of phones, apps, or service providers. Those in business should have a basic understanding of all of this to be able to pick the right VoIP phone system that suits your business.

Two Types of VoIP

Two basic ways exist to use VoIP services. You can go with a hardware-based system that uses a VoIP phone. VoIP phones look like traditional phones and have similar features to the old phones like voicemail, call conferencing, and caller ID. The difference is these phones use the internet to transmit the call rather than traditional landlines.

There are also what is known as “software-based” IP phones where installation is made on a computer or mobile device and calls can be made from the computer with an icon that looks like a touchpad and has a caller ID display.

Computers with a microphone and speaker can be used to make and receive calls and calls can be made from mobile phones. Those who use this system, usually those working remote call center jobs, may also have a headset with a microphone connected to the computer or cell phone to easily make and receive calls.

VoIP Phones

VoIP phones are branching out on the market. They come cordless now much like traditional cordless phones and most have a single handset. Each VoIP company it seems has its special type of VoIP phone it produces so if you go with those companies, you must buy their phone, which can be a bit impractical if you are testing out a company and want to change later.

VoIP Apps

Each VoIP company has its software application to turn your computer into a VoIP communication center. All have their niches and focus on one aspect of VoIP like international calling, AI, or scalability.

VoIP companies

Many companies are getting into the VoIP business and their range from large tech companies that already operate search engines, to security companies that can use the system to unify their home and business security with the rest of a customer’s communication.

Each has plan options, integration methods, and reports to generate. All of this can be overwhelming.

Identifying Your Needs

Any comparison should start with identifying what you need the most. That way you can cut through the unnecessary information and focus on what is most important to you. Make a list of communication must-haves and then your wish list. After that, give yourself a budget range. Narrowing down the scope of information and budget will help narrow down your comparisons.

Some needs businesses look for in VoIP services:


Phone call quality

Improved efficiency





All of these things are important but most businesses prioritize reliability, phone call quality, and affordability over the other factors. It’s good to know where any VoIP provider stands on all these factors to ensure you are getting all that you expect out of the service.

In some areas, getting VoIP service can be more reliable or effective because of the lack of maintenance coming from traditional phone companies. Some customers complain that it can take days for a phone service representative to come to check things out.

VoIP, especially a reputable service like 4Voice, has a customer service number that will address issues quickly.

4Voice can make it even easier. It offers a VoIP system that integrates what you currently have like phones, computers, internet, and mobile phones into one seamless system. The best part is you don’t have to buy any special equipment to make it work! 4Voice can use your old equipment in your new system.

You also don’t need to guess which company may offer what you need. 4Voice will first talk to you and evaluate your system to identify both assets and problem areas. Recommendations will be offered so that our engineers can design a VoIP system that completes your communication infrastructure without the pitfalls of something not functioning correctly or downtime.

4Voice has all the latest in technology and offers scalability, convenience, and the highest security. Our 24/7 customer service outshines others as 4Voice has engineers who assist with any technical issues. We also have a failsafe where calls can be rerouted to a designated location in emergencies and other backup protocols to ensure calls aren’t missed even during a time of storms or power outages.

Our approach is one of personally working with you so that your VoIP service is exactly what you need within your budget. Our system can save you up to 50 percent of communication costs and help your remote workers function more productively. There isn’t a need to look any further than 4Voice.

Amruth Laxman
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