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Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Remote Work

Virtual Phone Numbers

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Business leaders are finding out about virtual phone numbers. What many don’t know is you don’t need a large business to utilize them. A virtual phone number can be the perfect tool for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises like virtual kitchens.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number isn’t tied to a geographic location or even a physical phone. That’s because they use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to work. A landline has a phone number associated with a particular house or business with physical copper lines. A cell phone number is connected to a SIM card. You also need good cell service to make or receive calls.

Virtual phone numbers aren’t connected to any of those things. You can use them as long as you have internet access, whether you are at your office, away on a trip, or using your cell phone. You can use any device that connects to the internet, including tablets, laptops, or smartphones. All can use the virtual phone number.

Why Would Someone Want a Virtual Number?

Businesses typically want virtual numbers, and there are several reasons for that. One business number can connect the office with remote workers under one phone number. Remote workers can use the business number and be more credible to customers. Plus, customers know it’s a safe number because the business is listed on the caller ID even if a remote worker is calling them.

A virtual number with VoIP services is cheaper to use and maintain over land-based systems and is scalable, so the service can grow as the company grows.

Another benefit for businesses is you can get a local virtual number for areas where you seek to expand. You can establish your local presence and start building your business before you invest in a physical office or workers who live there.

Freelancers and Creative Concepts

A professional image has a lot to do with success now. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and those with creative concepts could have more of a challenge using their own cell phones or home numbers. They are on the go, too, so they need flexibility in communications. Virtual phone numbers solve a lot of problems.

A virtual phone number with a business name gives them a professional edge. It can go wherever they are, even if they are out of town on a job. It protects their privacy because it isn’t their phone number. They can separate business calls from personal calls easily and manage their call logs, messages, emails, and texts from one virtual dashboard.

Creative concepts, like virtual kitchens or entrepreneurs operating several businesses, need separate numbers to distinguish all their business ventures. The same virtual kitchen may offer three types of food all under a different restaurant name. Each needs its phone number so customers aren’t confused and so staff can keep orders straight and separated.

Those who have teams will find a virtual phone number that can keep the team on top of things, as an important call can ring on everyone’s phones at the same time if you use that feature.

What Will Customers Think?

Customers, or potential customers, will never know you are using a virtual number. The calls function much like a landline but are much clearer. You can use a virtual number to call different types of devices including other VoIP phones, landlines, and cellphones. You can use them to make local or international calls and get the same clear quality.

You Get More than a Phone Number with VoIP

4Voice offers many features and benefits beyond a virtual phone number. You can do video and voice conferences, have a backup system in case of emergency so your communications continue to work, and other features like analytics and reports so you can improve productivity. We can connect you to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems so you can improve the customer experience and, perhaps, have more conversions.

4Voice can get you a local virtual phone number for most cities so you can gain a local presence quickly wherever you want to expand or grow. That may help businesses currently operating in a town using an old cell phone or landline number from somewhere else.

Plus, 4Voice can save you money. A VoIP system can save you up to 50 percent off of standard communications systems. Contact us for your evaluation so we can show you what a virtual phone number can do for your business.

Amruth Laxman
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