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How a National Non-Profit Transformed Its Operations with Business VoIP Solutions

It can be hard to imagine exactly how new technology might fit into an operation. That’s why we asked one of our long-standing clients, ORT America, to share their experience with 4Voice’s hosted PBX services. They shared their real-life transformation into a VoIP-enabled company.

Here’s how our service helped them beat competition while saving thousands.

Spotlight Client: ORT America

ORT America is a non-profit fundraising company with offices across the United States. Before 4Voice, ORT’s landline-powered system couldn’t compete with its competitors’ efficient and advanced VoIP PBX systems.

Domestic and international outreach are critical to its operation, so ORT looked for a modern office phone system solution that would:

  • Keep them competitive in national and international markets.
  • Amplify their communication channels.
  • Ensure reliable calls without sacrificing other office IT resources.
  • Provide the service and quality they expect without impacting their budget.

Here’s how 4Voice fit the bill.

Cloud PBX Features That Elevated ORT’s Operations

  • Quality Local Support: With 4voice, dialing 777 connects ORT with live, 24/7 support in less than 20 seconds. And while our proactive client monitoring can resolve most issues before ORT even detects them, ORT’s team knows they can trust local 4Voice reps to arrive on-site within hours, should an issue arise.
  • Voice Quality: ORT America noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement in voice quality after implementing 4Voice. Eliminating landline-induced static and feedback helped their organization cultivate a more professional and modern image.
  • Voicemail to Email: Voicemail-to-email transcription helps employees address missed calls faster, boosting overall donor outreach.
  • Call Forwarding: Forwarding incoming calls to cell phones when employees work remotely improves company availability and mobility, improving staff flexibility without sacrificing productivity.
  • Conference Bridges: Superior conference technology improves conference call quality while lowering monthly expenses by hundreds of dollars a month.
  • Call Logging: Logging all calls keeps quality and productivity high.
  • Seamless Transfers: ORT can seamlessly transfer calls among their seven national sites without missing a beat.
  • Billing Process: Clear monthly reports help ORT calculate costs and break down expenses by regional offices, with 4Voice reps always available to answer questions.

Benefits of a Modern Business Phone System

  • Inter-Office Unification: 4Voice’s seamless transfers and transparent billing practices improved ORT’s national office communication and management.
  • More Professional, Competitive Organization: ORT streamlined employee-client communications with reliable, clear and crisp audio during all calls and conferences.
  • Improved Efficiency through Trusted Support: ORT never sacrificed productivity to troubleshoot or resolve an issue. Continued quality service helps ORT consistently function at maximum capacity.
  • Cost savings: Adopting 4Voice’s VoIP solution eliminated billing issues like poor cost reporting and questionable contract renewal practices. ORT now spends significantly less on a phone solution that delivers efficiency, productivity and improved communication across the organization. “The conference bridges alone save us hundreds of dollars a month.”

Other Fan-Favorite Virtual PBX Features:

4Voice's business VoIP solutions meet most businesses' needs.

Not a non-profit fundraising company? That’s okay! 4Voice’s wide variety of features are configurable to meet each clients’ unique goals, processes and needs. Here are just a few features that help us tailor our service to a new client’s specs.

  • CRM-integration: 4Voice can integrate its phone service with company CRMs, eliminating unnecessary questions and searching for faster service. Businesses with a large customer database and a heavy focus on customer service see significant returns on this feature.
  • Electronic Faxing: Our secure electronic faxing methods are a modern alternative to the age-old analog fax, and great for companies looking to go paperless – especially those in healthcare, insurance and other typically paper-heavy offices.
  • Disaster Recovery: 4Voice creates customized phone and internet backup plans to ensure companies never go without the functions they need. Disaster recovery plans are ideal for companies with critical, time-sensitive operations that can’t afford to wait during an outage.
  • Burstable Trunks: For businesses with highly variable call volume, 4Voice offers “burstable” lines. With this option, companies can temporarily surpass their number of lines when at maximum capacity to avoid turning callers away with a busy tone. Never pay for a bundle of rarely used lines when a day or two of bursting will do.

Customizable Hosted PBX Service

VoIP’s customizability makes fitting with each company simple and efficient – which is why it’s now the number one choice for businesses. To take a look at some of the other features that make 4Voice companies’ go-to VoIP provider, download our infographic: The 10 Benefits of Business VoIP Solutions. 





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