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How Business VoIP Providers End Landline Fiascos

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The source of your dead phone lines can be numerous. From PBX systems that need new firmware to bad wiring and downed lines from the latest big storm, old school phone systems are a gremlin’s handcart full of phone mischief.

Besides the mischief – who can wait a week for the technician to come?

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VoIP phone service, like 4Voice, slices and dices these issues into a flavorful stew of forgotten troubles. But how? 

For starters, service and maintenance on your phone connectivity never stops. That’s right, VoIP phone service is continuously monitored to ensure clients have 24/7 uptime. Since connectivity issues for VoIP are based on the internet, monitoring for fluctuations and breaks in the connections over the internet means they can instantly reroute your VoIP calling around bottlenecks, slowdowns and areas of the country that are experiencing outages. That means that quality issues as well as connectivity issues are resolved before the line gets a chance to click, pop or stop.

But, what if the power drops? 

Well, for those businesses using VoIP phones in offices and at reception, 4Voice ensures that each of your phones use “PoE.” That stands for “power over ethernet.” So, as long as you’ve kept the line plugged into the ethernet in the wall, you can keep fielding calls even when the power is out. As for your computers, battery backup units and well-charged laptops mean that customers will be none the wiser. 

Now let’s say you get the ultimate in on-site devastation. The power is out, your internet is gone – you literally don’t exist beyond line of sight. Reliable business VoIP providers like 4Voice free you from those desks – and that office – entirely. Your office numbers, routing, forwarding rules – all of it! – are retained at 4Voice on-site and can send all your calls to the appropriate cell phones, laptops and computers. To enable this fully-backed up system, users need to install softphones (software that emulates VoIP phones) on their desktop or laptop and provide cell phones for rollover beforehand. 

The best part? Your customers won’t even know your team is working from your remote bunker deep underground – or their family room couch. 

And maintenance? Your phones are the only thing you need to bring with you (for those few employees without cell phones or computers.) Plug them into working ethernet and you’re ready to roll. 

  1. Customers Can’t Reach You

When’s the last time you called a business back after getting a busy signal? And what if you had a choice to call a competitor? If you’re not going to wait 10 or 20 minutes to get ahold of your favorite mechanic, do you really think a customer is going to wait that long to call your business? 

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Limited line bundles are a thing of the past with VoIP. While you can purchase a set volume of lines, emergency overflow lines and individual line additions make sure that when customers call, you answer.

Overflow calling generally is an extra charge that immediately allows a caller to reach your business. If this happens repeatedly, it’s no problem to add a line or two to make sure your associates can handle the uptick in volume. If it’s a one-off, and the volume spikes are rare, the overflow line charge will be more economical. The best part? You never have to buy that additional 16 line bundle to handle a few extra calls. 

  1. Dropped 1-on-1 Calls and Shabby Conference Calls

Nothing is quite so frustrating as those crackling, hissing conference calls. And when you’re chatting with a prospect or client that needs service, a dropped line is a quick and effortless… black eye.

“Sorry about that” is a terrible opening line to any callback. So how do Business VoIP Providers prevent these issues? 

Now here we’ll need to talk specifically about 4Voice solutions, because we can’t assure you that all VoIP providers deliver this level of service. When it comes to the quality of your calls and your systems reliability, 4Voice anticipates the most common problems that plague both landline and VoIP. Preventing dropped calls and crackling, terrible quality experiences were designed into the 4Voice service model.

4Voice starts with a proper installation with field techs that come to your site. First, technicians conduct a survey of your internet, your average bandwidth needs, all of the required ethernet ports, and they also perform an onsite training for those not familiar with softphone (software-based phones for computers) and hard phones (individual “traditional” looking phones). 

Using the testing portion of their visit, they ensure that your internet settings allow for the correct bandwidth volume. What does this do? The right amount of internet bandwidth guaranteed by your settings means that even when employees are streaming videos, listening to internet radio and the whole office is taking calls and conducting conference calls, not a single person will have their communication throttled to a choppy, noisy call – or worse, that they will drop.

Business VoIP Providers Are Ready to End Your Landline Misery 

From fail-proofing to crystal clear calls, business VoIP providers have sunk their teeth into ensuring your business never struggles with the worst of those pesky landline issues. 

Are you curious what other benefits VoIP has to offer? Download our free, quickly readable guide: “The Ten Benefits of 4Voice’s Business VoIP Solutions.”


Amruth Laxman
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