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How Cloud PBX Can Free Up Resources at Your Law Office

For busy attorneys, landline phone systems are one more thing to think about – as well as fund, maintain and troubleshoot. VoIP-based office phone systems, on the other hand, are managed by the provider, which frees up time, money and effort for your law office. Here are the top ways VoIP can free up your resources. 

Only Answer Important Calls

Answering the phone while working or in a meeting is a sure-fire way to lose your train of thought. Instead of fielding all calls yourself or paying a receptionist to do so, an auto-attendant and IVR menu can answer and direct calls to the right place without encroaching on employee time: for example, an IVR menu could allow callers to reach their attorney of choice or speak to an operator at an answering service for further personalized assistance. This way, only relevant and important calls will reach your phone so you can spend more time working, strategizing and growing your firm.

Streamline Client Billing

Business VoIP solutions enable call recording and can integrate call histories with your CRM. This allows lawyers or administrators to quickly go back through calls and determine which were billable. In addition, VoIP’s detailed call reporting helps itemize billable hours by listing time spent with each client by attorney.

Save Time with Reliable and Flexible Service

Virtual PBX technology not only enables seamless transfers, but is internet-based and easy to configure and change. Rather than calling providers to facilitate changes to an IVR menu, call forwarding settings or ring patterns, attorneys can easily make changes themselves, empowering more customized call handling settings with less management time.

VoIP also allows employees to make and receive calls with their work number even when out of the office, keeping lawyers available when at home or traveling – all without giving out their private phone number. This flexibility also helps facilitate remote work and collaboration with temporary or off-site teams.

In addition, landlines and their equipment are quickly deteriorating, making support calls more frequent, timely and expensive. Hosted PBXs and equipment, by contrast, are owned by providers – all updates and repairs are the provider’s responsibility.

Only Purchase Equipment You Need

Desk phones can be expensive; if you and your employees are frequently on-the-go and find your desk phones gathering dust, consider giving up the physical phone investing in a VoIP app. VoIP PBX systems allow you to make calls with your work number from your cell phone or laptop, all for a lower price than a desk phone. What’s more, VoIP apps even allow texting, so you can ask clients quick questions or communicate with minimal disruptions with a text message.

For those firms using a BYOD policy (or interested in adopting one), a VoIP app helps clarify cell service payments and maintains attorney professionalism by keeping all work communication under a work phone number.

Lawyer using cloud PBX VoIP app

Enjoy Overall Savings

When it comes to saving expenses, VoIP apps are just the tip of the iceberg. While landlines require designated phone cables, VoIP transmits voice over an existing internet connection, making VoIP monthly subscriptions much cheaper than landline ones. In addition, avoiding frequent landline repairs results in big savings over time.

Modernize Your Law Office with a VoIP Solution

VoIP is already the number one choice for businesses – law offices stuck on landlines are behind the curve, and are missing out on some serious productivity gains. For example, some law firms use VoIP to establish a local presence in multiple markets with custom local phone numbers that connect to the firm’s main line.

Interested in taking your firm to the next level? Learn more about how VoIP could help your law office save resources and grow in our white paper.



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