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How VoIP Numbers Work and Their Advantages for Businesses

How VoIP Numbers Work and Their Advantages for Businesses

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, may not be something everyone is familiar with but business owners should be. Using a VoIP system over an old landline system can improve efficiency, and reliability, and reduce cost.

VoIP is, in the simplest terms, using the internet to make and receive calls. It works over a broadband internet connection. The old-fashioned landline phone systems require wiring that goes to your office or home from the street. Remember all the long phone lines hanging over streets in between telephone poles and running to the house? Nowadays, those go underground but they are still physical lines.

4Voice is a cloud-based service and that means phone companies don’t have to link phone service to the local infrastructure. Internet-based phone services frees businesses up to use more features than traditional phone companies offer. It can also cut costs and help employees make the most of their calls to clients as it offers real-time monitoring.

Generally, a VoIP system is software that allows you to make calls through your internet. You can do that with your desk phone, cell phone, or computer. The configuration is up to you and your provider.

4Voice works with you to customize your configuration to get you exactly what you need. Our service is scalable so you can add users, features, extensions, and locations as you grow.

The Popularity of VoIP Services

The benefits of VoIP systems have boosted their popularity in recent years. Statistics show that business VoIP phone numbers expanded to beyond 35 million between 2010 and 2018. Other research shows that these systems are 50 percent cheaper than other phone systems. It also saves substantially, up to 90 percent on international calls. It can reduce communication start-up costs up to 90 percent.

Those running businesses say VoIP services increased employee productivity by 20 percent. The fact that VoIP services can be implemented for remote workers to use the business phone number and have their own extension wherever they are is one of the most important benefits, according to business professionals. Approximately 70 percent said mobility is a priority.

Services Beyond Calls

VoIP services allow you to do simple things like calling both local and international numbers just as you always would. However, it also allows you to do other things. You can record calls and save them, make conference calls, and video calls, and message your team. You can have visual voicemail as well as traditional voicemail, which makes it easier to address priority messages first.

You can forward a call and also send a text message using your business number rather than your personal cell number. The bonus is that no cell minutes are used when you use VoIP calls sent to your cell phone.

One of the advantages of VoIP services is that they can offer things that traditional phone services can’t offer. This includes auto-attendants, advanced call routing, hold music, screen sharing, CRM integration, and call monitoring.

This is a way to keep teams notified on projects, keep clients updated, and maintain records of communications. Call recording and monitoring are good ways to ensure that nothing in a project or a client request gets overlooked.

Requirements of VoIP

Getting 4Voice VoIP service doesn’t require you to buy any additional equipment. You can use your desktop, mobile phone, a PC, or a desk phone. You will need a good, stable internet connection.

The system takes the audio at one end, which is analog audio, and converts it into digital information to travel over the internet. It then converts them back into telephone audio at the other end. All of this is done quickly so it works like a normal telephone call with no delays and fewer dropped calls.

Call quality is improved also because VoIP allows you to use HD voice, which typically has a clearer, stronger audio transmission than standard, analog audio.

VoIP can be used to communicate with any device from a computer, tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or even landline. The recipient doesn’t need to have VoIP to receive your call. Calls outside the VoIP system don’t cost additionally either, unlike some mobile service providers who charge for calls to those not listed with that provider.

A Game Changer

VoIP systems have proved to help small businesses launch into new markets or create new opportunities. Their lower cost and added features give small to mid-size businesses enough advantages to compete well against bigger companies. It helps them make the most of client communications and stay on top of business dealings.

Communication is vital to a business’s success. 4Voice understands that and offers solutions for even small businesses that have never thought about VoIP systems before. It can help you meet all your customer’s requests and allow you to grow your team no matter where they are.

Amruth Laxman

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