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Transforming Enterprise Communication for Better Collaboration

Transforming Enterprise Communication for Better Collaboration

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Work communication is constantly changing. Not only is there phone and video conferencing but there are new platforms that put all your team members in the same space to collaborate and work on projects. There’s Zoom, Skype, and GoToMeeting among all the other types of video conferencing platforms. Plus, social media, e-commerce, and video platforms like Spotify to produce content.

Businesses who want to have a multi-faceted communications system that utilizes video, audio, text, messaging, and all the rest will want to look for that system to include UCaaS.

Looking at UCaaS

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. It does what the name suggests. It is a cloud-based model that combines six features including phone, web, and audio conferencing, computer and internal messaging, telephony, instant messaging, business processes, and mobility.

Being based in the cloud allows the service to integrate all of these things with other tools into one monitoring and management system. That makes it more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective.

This can also be called enterprise-wide communication as it includes all communication functions from your entire communication infrastructure.

UCaaS and VoIP

UCaaS works with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to keep your communication infrastructure functioning. It’s an interdependent relationship.

VoIP, in itself, provides voice services with inbound and outbound calls. However, VoIP that uses UCaaS incorporates many other features that businesses need. All of it uses IP so VoIP is necessary for UCaaS to work. It needs VoIP to transmit all of this data over the internet in putting all these functions together.

For instance, Zoom uses a UCaaS platform combined with VoIP service to put chat and video conferencing into one app. Many of these platforms use both in their app.

Benefits of Using UCaaS

Businesses have found there are at least six advantages to using UCaaS to combine their communications systems. It’s cheaper to implement and has lower management costs. It works well for businesses with remote workers, is scalable, and has enhanced security and advanced features.

Disadvantages of Using UCaaS

There are three major disadvantages of using UCaaS in a business phone infrastructure. The primary issue is security and confidentiality concerns. UCaaS is built on information sharing and more sharing equates to more vulnerability.

There are also concerns about it becoming inoperable with some business’s current infrastructure. Some businesses may need communications overall to use it. The third major disadvantage is there is a lack of ready-to-use UCaaS solutions. This is a technology still under development so finding and implementing it could be challenging.

Business Requirements

All businesses can’t use UCaaS because they need some technology to implement it. Mainly they need EIS services or others equal to it. That would include VoIP or IP Voice Service (IPVS), a Virtual Private Network Service (VPNS), or managed services handling audio, video, or web conferencing.

However, all experts expect UCaaS to evolve and grow. More who use it will want more out of it, particularly with flexibility where they can take it anywhere, and businesses will expect to produce greater productivity and seamless, reliable communication.

UCaaS must continue in development to continue to meet the needs of its growing user base.

Going with VoIP

VoIP services use the protocols of UCaaS to produce several features for businesses. 4Voice, for example, can customize your communication infrastructure to include all the multi-faceted elements businesses require and put them into one place to monitor and maintain.

4Voice is an affordable way to have all that UCaaS offers without needing to install hardware or special systems to make your business adaptable to it. Our VoIP service is scalable so you can add more features, users, or locations as you need them.

VoIP services are less expensive than implementing your own UCaaS service from scratch, are easy to install, and our engineers are tasked to maintain them. You will never need an in-house team to manage it.

VoIP providers aren’t all the same. All have different features, security, and reliability. Be sure to look at all aspects before you choose. 4Voice is highly competitive in all those areas and more.

We have a 24/7 customer service center open with engineers ready to tackle any problem or request that pops up. You’ll never have to worry about security either because 4Voice has a private server in our secured data center to keep all data safe. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that all data from your various programs stays secure.

Getting VoIP from 4Voice will give you all the benefits of UCaaS without the hassle of figuring it out for yourself. We can customize your infrastructure. Contact 4Voice today for an evaluation.

Getting VoIP from 4Voice will give you all the benefits of UCaaS without the hassle of figuring it out for yourself. We can customize your infrastructure. Contact 4Voice today for an evaluation.

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